I got this awesome tweet tonight from @tvAmy!

See, @tvAmy is a most awesome and net-savvy new anchor on our local CBS affiliate station here in the Greenville/Spartanburg area. And what she had posted on her blog was my 12second video that I made the other day about how cold it's gotten here lately.

I mean, no really. Awesome!

But seriously, I could have at least taken my sunglasses off, or maybe fluffed the hair or something? I mean, I make my "on air" looking like that? Shoot, I need to step up my game!

But hey, what can I say!

Well, most of them do. Meaning I do! Meaning I have one strand that my husband gave me when he generously took the pearls over the watch for his 5-year employee appreciation gift from his company. I have worn those pearls with practically everything! I’ve worn them to a charity black tie event, I’ve worn them to a dinner party, hell, I have made plans to wear them when I attend my graduation ceremony next June!

So, you can only imagine my teenage-girl-like-scream that I let out when I read today on Blissfully Domestic that they were doing this fabulous give-away from Pearls Of Joy! Giving away pearls!

I am by no means a pearl expert. My experience with pearls extends to the above mentions of me wearing them – and that’s about it. So, when I went to explore the Pearls Of Joy website, I was in awe of all the lovely pearl they offered!

The Tahitian Pearls caught my eye instantly. According to the website, they come from the South Seas and grown in the Black-Lipped oyster and are the only pear to achieve a black body color naturally, although they do come in gray, silver, green, blue and purple. Naturally I’m in love. Especially, with these beautiful earrings:
Seriously, how can you not just instantly fall in love? So, now if I don't win this give-away, I know what's going on my Christmas list. Although, I'm sure my husband will opt to buy me something much less expensive, much more functional and far less beautiful, I will still hope that they will magically show up in the magical little box that all girls (okay, most girls!) love to see.

Santa! Are you listening over there? Mommie wants some pearls!!

About a month ago, while I was at the beach on vacation I noticed that my ring finger , you know, the real one, where you wear those sacred bands of oppression, um er, I mean wedding bands. I'm not talking about the ever so popular middle finger where girls are wearing rings bigger than my head, but I digress…. My finger started turning red and becoming painful. It was so painful in fact that I had to stop wearing the rings all together and it was itchy and at one point even had tiny water-like blisters.

Of course, my first reaction is that I’m allergic to something, quite possibly my rings. Because I’m a semi-germ-a-phobe, I know it’s not due to something dirty like a fungus or bacteria.
It took almost 2 weeks or more for it to heal and during that time I wiped my rings and finger down with alcohol and waited another week after my finger healed before putting my rings back on. And after one day, it's started that same type of reaction, I could feel it within hours having almost an itchy, burny feeling. I felt like I should be doing some cheesy, walk on the beach, “Hey Mom, I feel kind of weird down there” commercials, only that down there is my finger and at that point, it really wouldn’t be my Mom who I’d be telling, it’d be my doctor.
Now, I’ve been wearing my rings for…. Let’s see, we were married in 2002, minus 2008.. yeah.. 6 (going on 7) years with no problems what so ever, so my initial reaction of “hey, I must have somehow instantly become allergic to metal” did seem kind of odd. But in my rational mind, which isn’t always rational, balancing the instant allergy vs. some fungus or bacteria seemed much more logical because I just don’t do fungal bacterial things.
So, normal people would call their doctor or dermatologist. Me? Not so normal. So I scour Google searching for terms like “itchy red finger” and “metal allergy” (go ahead, you know you wanna click those). And in normal Google search fashion, a thousand link clicks later, I find one that addresses the issue.
First they point out, it’s not an allergy. It really is a funky fungus. I got half way through fungus and was in denial. But I figure, try the solution, what could it hurt!
So after reading everything I thankfully realized that I’m neither the only or the first person to have this issue, so I follow the suggestions of soaking my ring in a 2-parts Vinegar and 1-part Hydrogen Peroxide mix for twenty-four hours. However, me being, well, me I decided to first clean my ring with straight vinegar and a toothbrush. Don’t worry it was my husband’s toothbrush. What? It was his old one! So I let my rings soak and during that twenty-four hour time period I cleaned my finger with the same mixture no less than 3, maybe 4, maybe 20 times. Which, by the way, in case you aren’t clued in to the obvious, using vinegar anything on any sort of flesh wound, sucks. Big time.
So twenty-four hours later, my finger is looking better, so I slide my rings back on and I wait. I was certain that in a few hours I’d be pulling my rings off again and going back to the message board where I found the so-called-solution and would be posting a hateful, “your solution sucks now my finger smell like vinegar!” type reply. And I waited. And waited.
And that was Wednesday.
My finger is fine, my ring is super sparkly (can you say BLING!) clean and in addition to curing my funky fungus finger, and I’ve found a great jewelry cleaner! It’s natural, it’s easy, it’s cheap and frankly, it’s worked better that some that I’ve bought!
Now the only question remains.. how in the hell did I get this funky fungus?! Maybe I don’t want to know.

I’m am just a few months shy of celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday and I feel as though I’ve learned a lifetime of things that I could have never even been exposed to, had I not become a mother. The saying "having a child is a life changing event" is always true, but I never took the time to see how life changing it really was for me other than the physical symptoms (you know, lack of sleep and the random bruises from toddler play).

I’ve learned that my heart can experience feelings I never imagined, from pure joy to stone cold fear and everything in between. Who would think that something so small could invoke such huge emotions? Especially in someone like myself who liked to "stop and smell the roses" but never really took time to appreciate the smell.

I’ve learned to be young again. The man or lady who is giving me the strange face while my son and I sing Jingle Bells in July while driving our pretend racecar down the aisles of Target, don’t really understand how to play without rules. It’s ok to sing Happy Birthday in the bathtub and to make silly faces at the fish in the seafood section of the grocery store.

I’ve learned that boogers happen. From the runny noses to the big green booger monsters, they happen to everyone, there’s no reason to be grossed out by them anymore. Besides, anything that my kid can eat and not cause instant projectile vomiting, I’m okay with. And yes, boogers fall into that category.

I’ve learned that I will never be the mother I thought I would be. There were times I was certain I would fail as a mother and other times I was certain I’d be Wilma Flintstone meets Jill Taylor, remember the mom from “Home Improvement”? Thankfully, neither really came true, I became my own style mother and certainly didn’t fail, at least not yet. But I’ve realized that a lot of my preconceived notions about motherhood were either false or just something that could be worked around.

I’ve learned that I can still be who I am and be a mother, cherishing both but not separating them into two different identities. Seriously, I have enough psychological issues to worry about without trying to give myself a split personality. I take great pride in being a mother, whether I am playing with my son at home, while I am in a meeting at work or while I am relaxing in a bookstore. Being a mother isn’t something I shut off and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to.

I’ve learned that I can face most anything when given the right motivation. And imagine, that little boy that yells at me, pinches me and makes me gag with diapers is that motivator. I’ve killed spiders that I typically wouldn’t have been in the same house with, let alone touched.

I’ve learned that no matter what life brings I am responsible for me and my own and that these are lessons I want to pass on to my son and that no matter what parenting guides tell you or what your friends say, each lesson learned is different for each and every mother.

I’ve learned that every moment is special and no matter how much you try to set up perfect portrait session, only to have it ruined last minute because your son thought it would be fun to try to burp and ended up throwing up on himself – it’s special! That was a memory! Or even the smallest moment when they grab you by the cheeks and whisper “I love you” can be bigger than Christmas morning.

I’ve learned that I have learned a lot in three years. And I look forward to three more and three more after that and three more after that and so on and so forth.

When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, it collides with gas molecules. These molecules scatter the light. The shorter the wavelength of light, the more it is scattered by the atmosphere. Because it has a shorter wavelength than the other colors, blue light is scattered more, ten times more than red light, for instance.

That is why the sky is blue.

Take that!

In Poor Taste

11.04.2008 |

Perez Hilton and taste being in the same sentence is almost as laughable as me telling you that I'm going to be walking down the catwalk in next year's fashion week.

But seriously, we all know he gets his hits and kicks taking digs at celebrities. And usually, I'm fine with this, I mean hell I'm subscribed to his RSS feed just for that reason.

But lately, I've noticed a trend from Dear Perez that is starting to piss me off. Instead of focusing on adults who have their image consultants and the PR people, he starts focusing on kids. Kids of celebrities may be in the limelight but they are still kids and things like this really makes me wonder what kind of low Perez will sink to. So of course, what do I do? I blog about it! Because frankly, commenting on his page seems pointless in the mess of tween comments posted by the second.

All is fair in celebrity gossip I'm sure, but leave the kids alone. At least don't blatantly try to make fun of a child, what kind of adult does that?

Seriously, I'm sick of the political talk. It's the same coming from both sides, whoever they want in the Oval Office is the best man for the job for (fill in the blank) reason and the other guy is a terrible (insert adjective here) and if he gets into office the world will end.

But in all seriousness, I'm not here to sway anyone's vote from one side to another or even to a third party. That's not my job, that's what the candidates are spending millions of dollars doing - supposedly.

All I am saying is go vote. Vote for the person you want in office. Vote for them even if you are a Democrat and they are a Republican. Vote for them if you are a Republican and you are a Democrat. Vote for them if they are a smaller party and there's not a chance in hell they win.

Vote for what you believe in, not the lesser of two evils. Vote on principal not popularity.

But whatever you do, just vote. There were times when some of us would have never had this right, so exercise your rights while you can!

There are certain days of the year that I never plan for my son to be sick. Realistically speaking, I don’t plan for him to ever be sick, but on any given day I usually cope with him being sick easily and think, “anything we couldn’t do today, we can do tomorrow”.

However, you can’t really say that on Halloween can you?
I received a call Friday afternoon from my son’s daycare, letting me know that upon waking up from his nap, my son was running a fever with a temperature of about 102 degrees. A call to my husband to see who had more on their plate and it was determined he could cut out of work to pick him up and go home with him.
On any other day, this wouldn’t faze me in the least. But today was Halloween! I thought there was this unwritten rule or some magic spell that says that kids aren’t supposed to get sick on Halloween. That goes for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, too.
Luckily, all was not lost. At least he was able to participate in the Halloween parade at school and still partake in their Halloween party before deciding to turn into the human fireball, which, by the way, was brought on by the lovely process of his molars coming in. And luckily for him, with a good dose of Children’s Tylenol he was able to throw on his little boxing costume and hit a few houses before it got too cold.
Maybe there was a little spells being cast or answered prayers or whatever it was that allowed him to go out just to say he got to “TwikrTweet get kee-yandy”.
Which means now I’ll have to hit my elliptical that much harder because I’ll be the first to admit into dipping into the ole’ Halloween candy bowl!