There are certain days of the year that I never plan for my son to be sick. Realistically speaking, I don’t plan for him to ever be sick, but on any given day I usually cope with him being sick easily and think, “anything we couldn’t do today, we can do tomorrow”.

However, you can’t really say that on Halloween can you?
I received a call Friday afternoon from my son’s daycare, letting me know that upon waking up from his nap, my son was running a fever with a temperature of about 102 degrees. A call to my husband to see who had more on their plate and it was determined he could cut out of work to pick him up and go home with him.
On any other day, this wouldn’t faze me in the least. But today was Halloween! I thought there was this unwritten rule or some magic spell that says that kids aren’t supposed to get sick on Halloween. That goes for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, too.
Luckily, all was not lost. At least he was able to participate in the Halloween parade at school and still partake in their Halloween party before deciding to turn into the human fireball, which, by the way, was brought on by the lovely process of his molars coming in. And luckily for him, with a good dose of Children’s Tylenol he was able to throw on his little boxing costume and hit a few houses before it got too cold.
Maybe there was a little spells being cast or answered prayers or whatever it was that allowed him to go out just to say he got to “TwikrTweet get kee-yandy”.
Which means now I’ll have to hit my elliptical that much harder because I’ll be the first to admit into dipping into the ole’ Halloween candy bowl!