Well, most of them do. Meaning I do! Meaning I have one strand that my husband gave me when he generously took the pearls over the watch for his 5-year employee appreciation gift from his company. I have worn those pearls with practically everything! I’ve worn them to a charity black tie event, I’ve worn them to a dinner party, hell, I have made plans to wear them when I attend my graduation ceremony next June!

So, you can only imagine my teenage-girl-like-scream that I let out when I read today on Blissfully Domestic that they were doing this fabulous give-away from Pearls Of Joy! Giving away pearls!

I am by no means a pearl expert. My experience with pearls extends to the above mentions of me wearing them – and that’s about it. So, when I went to explore the Pearls Of Joy website, I was in awe of all the lovely pearl they offered!

The Tahitian Pearls caught my eye instantly. According to the website, they come from the South Seas and grown in the Black-Lipped oyster and are the only pear to achieve a black body color naturally, although they do come in gray, silver, green, blue and purple. Naturally I’m in love. Especially, with these beautiful earrings:
Seriously, how can you not just instantly fall in love? So, now if I don't win this give-away, I know what's going on my Christmas list. Although, I'm sure my husband will opt to buy me something much less expensive, much more functional and far less beautiful, I will still hope that they will magically show up in the magical little box that all girls (okay, most girls!) love to see.

Santa! Are you listening over there? Mommie wants some pearls!!


Peace, Love & Soap said...

Hi there! I think I fixed the twitter link. Let me know if it still doesn't go through. Thanks for following!

Chris said...

We husbands have been known to surprise. My experience has been that if you drop many meaningful hints, such as lipstick across the mirror followed by an add folded neatly in his billfold, he will pick up what you're putting down.

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