Seriously, I'm sick of the political talk. It's the same coming from both sides, whoever they want in the Oval Office is the best man for the job for (fill in the blank) reason and the other guy is a terrible (insert adjective here) and if he gets into office the world will end.

But in all seriousness, I'm not here to sway anyone's vote from one side to another or even to a third party. That's not my job, that's what the candidates are spending millions of dollars doing - supposedly.

All I am saying is go vote. Vote for the person you want in office. Vote for them even if you are a Democrat and they are a Republican. Vote for them if you are a Republican and you are a Democrat. Vote for them if they are a smaller party and there's not a chance in hell they win.

Vote for what you believe in, not the lesser of two evils. Vote on principal not popularity.

But whatever you do, just vote. There were times when some of us would have never had this right, so exercise your rights while you can!


Rodsp said...

AMEN! I love your comment "Vote on principal not popularity" As long as you vote for principle you can never cast the wrong vote and it will always count! Great article.

Me. Myself & Jonna said...

Thank you, that's absolutely correct, you can't vote for the "wrong guy" when you vote for someone you believe in - not a party or a slogan.

tonka_boy said...

Looks like there's gonna be a big turnout. And may I add to your ideas, think about who is best for the country.

Don't feel about who is best for the country.

Me. Myself & Jonna said...

Very good point!

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