In Poor Taste

11.04.2008 |

Perez Hilton and taste being in the same sentence is almost as laughable as me telling you that I'm going to be walking down the catwalk in next year's fashion week.

But seriously, we all know he gets his hits and kicks taking digs at celebrities. And usually, I'm fine with this, I mean hell I'm subscribed to his RSS feed just for that reason.

But lately, I've noticed a trend from Dear Perez that is starting to piss me off. Instead of focusing on adults who have their image consultants and the PR people, he starts focusing on kids. Kids of celebrities may be in the limelight but they are still kids and things like this really makes me wonder what kind of low Perez will sink to. So of course, what do I do? I blog about it! Because frankly, commenting on his page seems pointless in the mess of tween comments posted by the second.

All is fair in celebrity gossip I'm sure, but leave the kids alone. At least don't blatantly try to make fun of a child, what kind of adult does that?


Chris said...

I completely agree. Kids are off limits. I mean its not Maddox Jolie's fault that his mom can't think of another haircut to give him.

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