About a month ago, while I was at the beach on vacation I noticed that my ring finger , you know, the real one, where you wear those sacred bands of oppression, um er, I mean wedding bands. I'm not talking about the ever so popular middle finger where girls are wearing rings bigger than my head, but I digress…. My finger started turning red and becoming painful. It was so painful in fact that I had to stop wearing the rings all together and it was itchy and at one point even had tiny water-like blisters.

Of course, my first reaction is that I’m allergic to something, quite possibly my rings. Because I’m a semi-germ-a-phobe, I know it’s not due to something dirty like a fungus or bacteria.
It took almost 2 weeks or more for it to heal and during that time I wiped my rings and finger down with alcohol and waited another week after my finger healed before putting my rings back on. And after one day, it's started that same type of reaction, I could feel it within hours having almost an itchy, burny feeling. I felt like I should be doing some cheesy, walk on the beach, “Hey Mom, I feel kind of weird down there” commercials, only that down there is my finger and at that point, it really wouldn’t be my Mom who I’d be telling, it’d be my doctor.
Now, I’ve been wearing my rings for…. Let’s see, we were married in 2002, minus 2008.. yeah.. 6 (going on 7) years with no problems what so ever, so my initial reaction of “hey, I must have somehow instantly become allergic to metal” did seem kind of odd. But in my rational mind, which isn’t always rational, balancing the instant allergy vs. some fungus or bacteria seemed much more logical because I just don’t do fungal bacterial things.
So, normal people would call their doctor or dermatologist. Me? Not so normal. So I scour Google searching for terms like “itchy red finger” and “metal allergy” (go ahead, you know you wanna click those). And in normal Google search fashion, a thousand link clicks later, I find one that addresses the issue.
First they point out, it’s not an allergy. It really is a funky fungus. I got half way through fungus and was in denial. But I figure, try the solution, what could it hurt!
So after reading everything I thankfully realized that I’m neither the only or the first person to have this issue, so I follow the suggestions of soaking my ring in a 2-parts Vinegar and 1-part Hydrogen Peroxide mix for twenty-four hours. However, me being, well, me I decided to first clean my ring with straight vinegar and a toothbrush. Don’t worry it was my husband’s toothbrush. What? It was his old one! So I let my rings soak and during that twenty-four hour time period I cleaned my finger with the same mixture no less than 3, maybe 4, maybe 20 times. Which, by the way, in case you aren’t clued in to the obvious, using vinegar anything on any sort of flesh wound, sucks. Big time.
So twenty-four hours later, my finger is looking better, so I slide my rings back on and I wait. I was certain that in a few hours I’d be pulling my rings off again and going back to the message board where I found the so-called-solution and would be posting a hateful, “your solution sucks now my finger smell like vinegar!” type reply. And I waited. And waited.
And that was Wednesday.
My finger is fine, my ring is super sparkly (can you say BLING!) clean and in addition to curing my funky fungus finger, and I’ve found a great jewelry cleaner! It’s natural, it’s easy, it’s cheap and frankly, it’s worked better that some that I’ve bought!
Now the only question remains.. how in the hell did I get this funky fungus?! Maybe I don’t want to know.


Chris said...

Vinegar has to be the liquid equivelant of duct tape.

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