Every year I say I'm not going to do the whole resolution thing. Every year, I do the whole resolution thing.

So, since I've apparently waited all year to decide I wanted to act on these things, without further a due...

I now present 2008's New Year's Resolutions:
(or technically would it be 2009's since that's when I'm resolving to do it?)

To be more family & home centered
I always allow for outside interests to take over a lot of my time. Time to start making my home itself and the time my family spends in it a "big marble" in the jar of life. (more so than I am now, not that I'm neglectful or anything mind you!)

To be more active and enjoy being healthy
I hike, camp and kayak. That's active but some of those are easily considered "lazy" activities. Kayaking is hard work until you stop paddling. Camping can be rigorous, but hell, we just bought a travel trailer! And hiking, well let's just say my hiking doesn't consist of rock climbing so basically I might as well call it "walking in the woods".
I like my elliptical, I like volleyball, I like exercising. I'm already on the road to losing weight so why not try to enjoy the task a little instead of dreading it.

To do good
I'm a charitable person, I like to raise money for the March of Dimes and I have try to be active in other charitable events, but I rarely feel like I'm really doing any good. I think this year I'll find something to help feel more a part of doing something. Not sure what that will be but I will do it.

And last but not least...
To get more tattoos, to love my inner child and to generally have a good time
Those all fall under one last category which, for me, can't be ignored. I'm a big kid at heart and I shut that kid up entirely too much while at work. I am a mature, 33 (soon to be 34) year old and I can act my age. But seriously, who wants to?

PS... you gotta love blogger's Post Scheduling!

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