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There seems to be two groups on twitter, the people who like #followfriday and those who don’t.
The concept behind #followfriday is that you post a tweet of a person you are following that you think your followers would find interesting enough to follow, in hopes of sharing interesting people and somewhere in that tweet, you tag it with the #followfriday hashtag so it can be searched.
I personally like it because I’ve found some awesome people to follow from seeing suggestions my friends have sacrificed offered. Sure, you can go through the 100’s of “People To Follow”, but frankly now there are so many of those lists out there that how do you decide which list of people to follow is really THE list. And do you just add the 300 people you just saw in a list because someone you know thinks they are cool enough to add and then edit them out later if they aren’t? Well, I don’t because realistically I like knowing what I’m getting into before I get into it. I don’t like the idea of following and then shortly there after unfollowing because I didn’t do my research on who they were to begin with. Yes, I know, I over think this. But to me, it’s important.
Others have complaints about #followfriday. They say they see the same people over and over. Sure, I’ve seen a few duplicate (a few 100 times) names like @chrisbrogan or @guykawasaki but frankly, if I didn’t see their names I would have been surprised! And, well I already follow them so I just kind of write them off – sorry guys – but who ISN’T following you!?
I have seen a few people that basically just repeats the same person every Friday, which happens to be their significant other or their boss or on the other hand lists a huge list every other tweet of every single followers. And yes, I can see how seeing that list every Friday may get old.
Personally, I think it’s a great idea when used correctly. If it weren’t for #followfriday I would have never found a few of my new wine and cigar resources and a new mommy vlog site. So I fully endorse #followfriday even though I’ve not posted the past two Fridays. Wow, I’m a slacker.

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So, I was sick since Wednesday. Not like *sniff sniff* *cough cough* sick, more like "I'm in a freakin' walking coma here people!" sick... not fun.

Because I'm known for being dramatic.

I’ve been kind of quiet on my blogs lately, not for the lack of “going ons’ to write about but more because I’ve had too many “going ons” to have time to focus on just one to really share.

So, some blog news first.
I’ll be updating soon with a few vlogs. My first one is going to be an overview of my new toy, the Flip Mino. I would have already uploaded the live unboxing video of the Flip but being the tech savvy programmer that I am, I deleted the video by mistake. So, I made a new one. I’m just working out some of the editing, trying to cut out the fluff.
Next, some political news.
We have a new president. (just in case you didn’t know)
And finally, a few things to mark on your calendar.
It’s officially March for Babies season, so if your looking to donate some charitable hours, it’s a great cause! You can click on my widget to the right (over there à) and follow the link and join the March or you could be charitable and donate to my Family Team that will be Marching in April in Spartanburg.
Wow, this is so far off from what I typically write about. I will be updating soon!
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I'm sliced on Golf

1.18.2009 |

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I would have said I was "hooked" but from my swing, I'm definitely sliced. Big time. But that's okay considering I've had exactly 3 lessons. And, that is the exact reason I am a huge advocate of taking lessons. Had I not taken my lessons, I'd never be able to recognize my challenges or even know how to address it. I absolutely love The Eagle Zone which is the driving range I go to. It was awarded Top 100 driving ranges in America and my instructor, Chad Phillips, is incredible. Not only is he an extremely knowledgeable PGA Apprentice, but he's incredibly patient with sucky newbies like me.

Yes, I suck.
But I love it!

Even if it's just the driving range, there is something seriously therapeutic about hitting golf balls at the driving range. You are concentrating enough that you block out all the rest of the noise in your life, but your not concentrating so much that it's not fun.

And seriously, I am using muscles in my back and arms that I have never used before. Ever. And thanks god for icy hot.

Now, my next goal besides perfecting my swing is to invest in a glove and figure out what type of clubs I want to buy!

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via WikipediaLet's see if my sentiments stay the same through the next 5 lessons I have!

So, this past Saturday I went to my first of 6 golf lessons that I received as a wonderful Christmas present from my ever so awesome father-in-law. Sure, he had the help of my husband, who had the help of my wish list, which I reminded him about promptly after we finished Thanksgiving. But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

I'm not sure why I wanted to learn golf so much. My father plays, my cousins play, but I had never really been interested in it before. I remember long ago... not THAT long ago... but maybe 10... ok 15 years ago, when my Dad took me out to the driving range and tried to teach me how to properly hold a golf club. It was pretty much over in my mind 5 seconds after trying to position my hands in what felt like a completely unnatural position on this club. I tried hitting a few balls. I even made contact with a handful, and one.. I remember specifically, rolled about 20 feet in front of me.

That was my experience with golf.

Now, fast forward to last Saturday. As I was driving to my golf lesson I kept wondering what made me want to play. Other than the fact that I'm a Tiger Woods Golf addict on my Wii. There was just something about the game that I wanted to try. So, I asked for golf lessons. And my husband dutifully kindly obliged and told my father-in-law to get it for me as a gift for Christmas, which was wonderful because I really didn't need another gift card for Target.

So, am I the only girl to go to a golf lesson in full makeup? Why? Because I was nervous. I know that makes absolutely no sense, but when I'm nervous, looking good couldn't hurt. So I made sure I was dressed really cute as well. And my husband, knowing me as well as anyone, along with my golf lessons he bought me some really cute Nike shoes to wear so I wouldn't feel.. well, silly. When I'm nervous, I try to look my best and at least then the nerves aren't about if my hair is done or if someone is spying a sun spot on my face.

And I digress.

I arrive at The Eagle Zone and ask for my instructor, Chad. I was very surprised. The place didn't look big or extravagant from the outside, but boy was I wrong! At least from my experience in driving ranges and all, it was. They had a nice little pro shop, a section for golf repair and then a room to do computer analysis of your swings. But the real surprise came when we walked out to go on the range and we went downstairs from main area and the tees were all covered and there were large heaters! Chad turned one on as the lesson started (as it was a frigid 40 degrees for South Carolina).

The basis of my first lesson was to learn how to properly hold a golf club, the basics of my footwork and how to swing a club. By the end of my lesson, I was left with a bucket of balls and I was knocking them about 120 yards! For those of you who aren't that great at math, like me.. that's way better than my initial 20 yard hits I was doing years ago!

The main things I learned from this lesson is that I really like hitting golf balls. There's something very relaxing about it, even though it does take quite a bit of concentration. I also learned that how you are taught makes a huge difference in how you look at the game. What was once a huge uncomfortable clutzy feeling of holding a golf club became somewhat comfortable and seemed to make the whole process of hitting the ball a lot easier. There is a grace to it, which I definitely don't possess yet. But I can say, I really look forward to learning and practicing.

The biggest lesson I got out of this was that I should always try something new, no matter how intimidated I am by it (or the atmosphere that encompasses it) because you may find something you really like.

Like golf!

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Just like the movie I've managed to start creating my bucket list. I envision this list changing as time passes, growing and shrinking as I am able to (hopefully) fulfill some of these. Want to give me some suggestions that you think I may want to do, or how or where I can find some resources to do the things already on my list?

Bucket List
  1. Visit Athens, Greece
  2. Attend an NFL game (Went to the December 11th, 2011 game, Panthers vs Falcons - we lost - boo)
  3. See Mt Rushmore
  4. Drive Route 66 (I drove a part of this in New Mexico and Arizona during our cross country move)
  5. Visit Niagara Falls
  6. Read one of the "classics"
  7. Learn to Hula Dance
  8. Visit all 50 states
  9. Take a golf lesson (1/3/2009 my 1st of 6 lessons!)
  10. Tattoo my feet
  11. Drive an exotic car
  12. Take Dance lessons (preferably Salsa)
  13. Have a Cross Country Driving Family Vacation
  14. See a Broadway show, on Broadway
  15. Celebrate my anniversary cheesy-Vegas-style (Elvis and all!)
  16. Visit Rockafeller center during Christmas
  17. Re-learn to play the flute
  18. Publish a Poem
  19. Go skiing in Colorado
  20. Ride horses on the beach
  21. Love my curly hair
  22. Meet Ann Rule
  23. Show my son where I grew up, Camp Zama Japan
  24. Learn Greek (at least hold a small conversation)
  25. Kayak a major river
  26. Take a Cooking Lesson
  27. Go ghost hunting

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