I’ve been kind of quiet on my blogs lately, not for the lack of “going ons’ to write about but more because I’ve had too many “going ons” to have time to focus on just one to really share.

So, some blog news first.
I’ll be updating soon with a few vlogs. My first one is going to be an overview of my new toy, the Flip Mino. I would have already uploaded the live unboxing video of the Flip but being the tech savvy programmer that I am, I deleted the video by mistake. So, I made a new one. I’m just working out some of the editing, trying to cut out the fluff.
Next, some political news.
We have a new president. (just in case you didn’t know)
And finally, a few things to mark on your calendar.
It’s officially March for Babies season, so if your looking to donate some charitable hours, it’s a great cause! You can click on my widget to the right (over there à) and follow the link and join the March or you could be charitable and donate to my Family Team that will be Marching in April in Spartanburg.
Wow, this is so far off from what I typically write about. I will be updating soon!
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