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There seems to be two groups on twitter, the people who like #followfriday and those who don’t.
The concept behind #followfriday is that you post a tweet of a person you are following that you think your followers would find interesting enough to follow, in hopes of sharing interesting people and somewhere in that tweet, you tag it with the #followfriday hashtag so it can be searched.
I personally like it because I’ve found some awesome people to follow from seeing suggestions my friends have sacrificed offered. Sure, you can go through the 100’s of “People To Follow”, but frankly now there are so many of those lists out there that how do you decide which list of people to follow is really THE list. And do you just add the 300 people you just saw in a list because someone you know thinks they are cool enough to add and then edit them out later if they aren’t? Well, I don’t because realistically I like knowing what I’m getting into before I get into it. I don’t like the idea of following and then shortly there after unfollowing because I didn’t do my research on who they were to begin with. Yes, I know, I over think this. But to me, it’s important.
Others have complaints about #followfriday. They say they see the same people over and over. Sure, I’ve seen a few duplicate (a few 100 times) names like @chrisbrogan or @guykawasaki but frankly, if I didn’t see their names I would have been surprised! And, well I already follow them so I just kind of write them off – sorry guys – but who ISN’T following you!?
I have seen a few people that basically just repeats the same person every Friday, which happens to be their significant other or their boss or on the other hand lists a huge list every other tweet of every single followers. And yes, I can see how seeing that list every Friday may get old.
Personally, I think it’s a great idea when used correctly. If it weren’t for #followfriday I would have never found a few of my new wine and cigar resources and a new mommy vlog site. So I fully endorse #followfriday even though I’ve not posted the past two Fridays. Wow, I’m a slacker.

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