A golf ball directly before the holeImage via WikipediaLet's see if my sentiments stay the same through the next 5 lessons I have!

So, this past Saturday I went to my first of 6 golf lessons that I received as a wonderful Christmas present from my ever so awesome father-in-law. Sure, he had the help of my husband, who had the help of my wish list, which I reminded him about promptly after we finished Thanksgiving. But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

I'm not sure why I wanted to learn golf so much. My father plays, my cousins play, but I had never really been interested in it before. I remember long ago... not THAT long ago... but maybe 10... ok 15 years ago, when my Dad took me out to the driving range and tried to teach me how to properly hold a golf club. It was pretty much over in my mind 5 seconds after trying to position my hands in what felt like a completely unnatural position on this club. I tried hitting a few balls. I even made contact with a handful, and one.. I remember specifically, rolled about 20 feet in front of me.

That was my experience with golf.

Now, fast forward to last Saturday. As I was driving to my golf lesson I kept wondering what made me want to play. Other than the fact that I'm a Tiger Woods Golf addict on my Wii. There was just something about the game that I wanted to try. So, I asked for golf lessons. And my husband dutifully kindly obliged and told my father-in-law to get it for me as a gift for Christmas, which was wonderful because I really didn't need another gift card for Target.

So, am I the only girl to go to a golf lesson in full makeup? Why? Because I was nervous. I know that makes absolutely no sense, but when I'm nervous, looking good couldn't hurt. So I made sure I was dressed really cute as well. And my husband, knowing me as well as anyone, along with my golf lessons he bought me some really cute Nike shoes to wear so I wouldn't feel.. well, silly. When I'm nervous, I try to look my best and at least then the nerves aren't about if my hair is done or if someone is spying a sun spot on my face.

And I digress.

I arrive at The Eagle Zone and ask for my instructor, Chad. I was very surprised. The place didn't look big or extravagant from the outside, but boy was I wrong! At least from my experience in driving ranges and all, it was. They had a nice little pro shop, a section for golf repair and then a room to do computer analysis of your swings. But the real surprise came when we walked out to go on the range and we went downstairs from main area and the tees were all covered and there were large heaters! Chad turned one on as the lesson started (as it was a frigid 40 degrees for South Carolina).

The basis of my first lesson was to learn how to properly hold a golf club, the basics of my footwork and how to swing a club. By the end of my lesson, I was left with a bucket of balls and I was knocking them about 120 yards! For those of you who aren't that great at math, like me.. that's way better than my initial 20 yard hits I was doing years ago!

The main things I learned from this lesson is that I really like hitting golf balls. There's something very relaxing about it, even though it does take quite a bit of concentration. I also learned that how you are taught makes a huge difference in how you look at the game. What was once a huge uncomfortable clutzy feeling of holding a golf club became somewhat comfortable and seemed to make the whole process of hitting the ball a lot easier. There is a grace to it, which I definitely don't possess yet. But I can say, I really look forward to learning and practicing.

The biggest lesson I got out of this was that I should always try something new, no matter how intimidated I am by it (or the atmosphere that encompasses it) because you may find something you really like.

Like golf!

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Backpacking Dad said...

My first real, fo' realz golf game was me playing against my dad on a hillside course overlooking the ancient Rock of Cashel in Tipperary Co. Ireland.

I like golf. Even though I've only played the once.

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Sherry said...

Great post on your experience getting started with golf. I hope that this gives the confidence or nudge to other women thinking about taking up the game of golf to go ahead and 'just do it'.

I hope the remaining lessons are as much fun for you! Good luck with your game and continue to visit us at www.ladiesonthetee.com.

All the best!

kevin said...

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