I'm sliced on Golf

1.18.2009 |

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I would have said I was "hooked" but from my swing, I'm definitely sliced. Big time. But that's okay considering I've had exactly 3 lessons. And, that is the exact reason I am a huge advocate of taking lessons. Had I not taken my lessons, I'd never be able to recognize my challenges or even know how to address it. I absolutely love The Eagle Zone which is the driving range I go to. It was awarded Top 100 driving ranges in America and my instructor, Chad Phillips, is incredible. Not only is he an extremely knowledgeable PGA Apprentice, but he's incredibly patient with sucky newbies like me.

Yes, I suck.
But I love it!

Even if it's just the driving range, there is something seriously therapeutic about hitting golf balls at the driving range. You are concentrating enough that you block out all the rest of the noise in your life, but your not concentrating so much that it's not fun.

And seriously, I am using muscles in my back and arms that I have never used before. Ever. And thanks god for icy hot.

Now, my next goal besides perfecting my swing is to invest in a glove and figure out what type of clubs I want to buy!