Just like the movie I've managed to start creating my bucket list. I envision this list changing as time passes, growing and shrinking as I am able to (hopefully) fulfill some of these. Want to give me some suggestions that you think I may want to do, or how or where I can find some resources to do the things already on my list?

Bucket List
  1. Visit Athens, Greece
  2. Attend an NFL game (Went to the December 11th, 2011 game, Panthers vs Falcons - we lost - boo)
  3. See Mt Rushmore
  4. Drive Route 66 (I drove a part of this in New Mexico and Arizona during our cross country move)
  5. Visit Niagara Falls
  6. Read one of the "classics"
  7. Learn to Hula Dance
  8. Visit all 50 states
  9. Take a golf lesson (1/3/2009 my 1st of 6 lessons!)
  10. Tattoo my feet
  11. Drive an exotic car
  12. Take Dance lessons (preferably Salsa)
  13. Have a Cross Country Driving Family Vacation
  14. See a Broadway show, on Broadway
  15. Celebrate my anniversary cheesy-Vegas-style (Elvis and all!)
  16. Visit Rockafeller center during Christmas
  17. Re-learn to play the flute
  18. Publish a Poem
  19. Go skiing in Colorado
  20. Ride horses on the beach
  21. Love my curly hair
  22. Meet Ann Rule
  23. Show my son where I grew up, Camp Zama Japan
  24. Learn Greek (at least hold a small conversation)
  25. Kayak a major river
  26. Take a Cooking Lesson
  27. Go ghost hunting

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