I made the mistake of falling into my kid's trap. He asked me for some Lucky Charms and I fell for it.

and this is what he turned into...

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I'm an ASP.Net programmer and I can admit, I don't know everything. In fact, since upgrading from Visual Studio 2003 to 2005, I really feel like I don't know a lot.

One of the major pluses to VS2005 was the use of Master Pages. But I came across a problem that was it not for the help of some seriously smart geeks on experts-exchange, I doubt I would have ever figured it out.

The application I was writing is using 2 masterpages.

The first one (Main.master) is parent for all of my pages except login.aspx & error pages, it contains a banner image (located \img\TitleBanner.gif) and an asp:menu control.

The second one (Misc.master) is the parent for the initial login.aspx page & any generic error pages that I am redirecting to. It is identical to the Main.master page, minus the asp:Menu control.

In Visual Studio, everything looks fine & all images are showing. However, upon debugging when the login.aspx page loads, the banner in the Misc.master is not showing (red X), however all contents of the contentplaceholder are fine.

When I log in successfully, it will redirect me to my Main.aspx which is a child of Main.master and the page looks fine, then if I log out (which redirects to the login.aspx) then, and only then does the banner image show correctly.

Initially, both Masterpages were pointing to the same banner image in \img\TitleBanner.gif but I've tried copying the image into the root of the project (outside of the img folder) but still no go.

The Answer!!

The Answer was given to me by someone named guru_sami and basically he lead me to figure out that since my web.config file was blocking all anonymous access that it was also blocking access to the images within my folder to show on the master page. So, the solution was to create a second web.config file within my \img folder giving allow all users access, which then allowed the images to be used in the master page!

These are just one of the coding things I wanted to share! Enjoy!

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Our trip to Bryson City, North Carolina went from great, to bad, to okay, back to great again. All in the span of about 5 hours. I want to make a point upfront, Bryson City, NC is a good destination place but just be very careful with your accomidations.

And now, the rest of the story.
So, we had a 3-day weekend trip planed to Bryson City, NC. Three couples, two cars and 1 good ole’ time! One other couple rode with us and the 3rd couple was planning to leave later on in the evening. The ride from Greenville, SC was just over 2 hours and considering we took the scenic route instead of the interstate, it was actually a great ride. We arrived in Bryson City and our GPS even managed to get us almost to the doorstep of our cabin. It was a few streets off before I resorted to printed directions that the Property Manager of Hidden Creek Cabins gave us.
I was thoroughly excited because we reserved our cabin online and I’ve done this 3 other times with great success. Pulling up to the cabin my big grin turned down slightly as it looked much older in person than the picture online. The 50-foot waterfall in the backyard was a 50-foot trickle (which actually was not bad), but it poured into a small pond that looked like it was not maintained very well and really wasn’t all that “picturesque”.
I tried not to let that worry me and we headed inside to see what our rustic, charming cabin had in store for us.
Yes. It was rustic all right. Which was okay, we knew that going in. However, apparently in upgrading they forgot to put any functional locks on any of the 5 sliding glass doors. Also, in trying to maintain that rustic appearance, apparently sweeping and mopping went out those open sliding glass doors because there were some dust bunnies trying to escape from under a couch that were larger than @mmWine’s dog!
(I reference @mmWine because for some reason when I think of smaller dogs, I know call them all “Zia Zia the killer Chihuahua” – even if they aren’t Chihuahua)
The floor felt gritty under my flip flops, I could see dust flying, I could see cobwebs in almost every corner. This was not good. The cabin smelled.. musty.. which if everything else wasn’t in play, I could have dealt with, I mean, it is an old cabin! So, we did what most normal people would do, or so we thought, we called the Property Manager, which the sign on the kitchen table said to do if we had any questions or problems. In fact, in the paperwork we submitted, it stated to walk through the cabin when you first arrive and call if there is any problems or questions so that we later, would not be held responsible for something we didn’t do. So, we called. And called. And called. And for 2 hours got voicemail. I finally tried one more time while the guys were inside Ingles buying food and got the Property Manager, who then informed me that he had just gotten off of a plane, hence the reason I wasn’t getting an answer.
I briefly discussed the problem and told him we would call him back. Realistically, I’m a push over, so I let my husband do the talking on this kind of stuff. So, he called the Property Manager and basically explained that we were unhappy with the accommodations, that it was dirty and most importantly, absolutely no locks. How were we to feel comfortable leaving our property inside a place that doesn’t lock?
I forget the exact answer, but apparently, we are the first people to ever complain about this and Property Manager didn’t exactly sound like he cared that we weren’t at all happy.
So, we get back to the cabin and discuss what we want to do. The overall consensus was to leave and find somewhere else to stay. I mean hello… Friday 13th, remote cabin, no locks.. I think not! We were waiting on a handy man to come by and see what he could do for us, and also for the Property Manager to call us back about waiving our cleaning fee, since.. it wasn’t clean when WE got there.
Handy man came and let me say this, if it were not for him, we would have left, demanded a refund and I would have totally slammed that place up and down all over the internet for such terrible customer service. Now, I’ll only slam the Property Manager because the handyman went out of his way to make sure every single door in that place locked and that we were more at ease with the situation. He brought a bottle of wine and some flowers for me and my friend and basically really tried to accommodate us in every way possible.
He is the only reason we stayed.
So, we swept and tried to clean up what we could to at least not feel skeezy. The rest of the weekend was awesome. We walked around downtown Bryson City and sang karaoke at Mickey’s. We wondered why there were so many old cars lining the banks of the river between Bryson City and the Cherokee reservation. We ate, drank (lots!) and generally were merry. We utilized the hot tub greatly, as it was the most hygienic thing on the hillside! And I even won $40 at Harrah’s Casino!
My recommendation, do not rent “Chestnut Lodge” from Hidden Creek Cabins, the pictures online are SO deceptive of what this place actually looks like. If you do rent from them and you are unhappy, find John the handyman and his two sons. They are awesome. And finally, eat at Jimmy Macs, you won’t regret it!
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My new XD Subcompact and Chris's new AR got broken in last weekend at Allen Arms in Greenville.

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My son's birthday was this past Monday. We had a party the Saturday before at the house but decided on his actual birth day to take him and his cousin to Chuck E Cheese (his "favooorite").

So, I just thought I'd share a little...

Life lessons, for me, are usually learned by one of the following reasons:

  1. Accident
  2. Stupidity
  3. Experience

I’ve learned 2 life lessons this week, one accidently and one out of stupidity.

Both important even though each one affects different aspects of my life, and regardless of why I came about learning them, I did. I will be better for it.

Isn’t that what life lessons are about? Bettering yourself?

Remember this blog about buying a new Travel Trailer? See that date up there. Right, October of 2008. Well, 4 payments later and we finally got to pick up our new Travel Trailer! Of course we took some pictures of it and got it all snug in it's new home.

I'm really excited to get to use it, but honestly I'm more excited about decorating it! I mean seriously, you have to decorate your mobile-command-unit! Which, is by the way, what I've dubbed it, for some reason.

So, there we have it, finally.

And yes, I know I'm posting this at 4 in the morning - it's not a scheduled blog post. I really can't sleep, I have code for a program I'm currently writing hijacking my dreams and it makes for a crappy nights sleep.