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In a Twilight Cave

3.28.2009 |

Twilight booksImage by Annafur via Flickr

I do believe that I am one of the last women in America who has yet to read, see or even care about Twilight.

Even my hair dresser is so enthralled that during my last appointment as I sat under the dryer, she sat next to me totally captivated in her book. She's on the 3rd, or was it the 4th?

Everyone I talk to who has read it is completely infatuated with "Edward" and the love story that makes up the books. It's the vampire lure, the love of the immortal hottie.

It's just something that I can't see myself buying, let alone getting wrapped up in. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe if I just read the first one I'll understand?

Either way, for now at least I'll continue to be in the Twilight Cave. I still have a list of true crime books to read first.

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It was off to Kings Mountain State Park this past weekend!
This camping trip was a lot of firsts.

The first trip of the season.
The first trip in our new travel trailer we bought way back when.
The first camping trip for my son.
The first trip to Kings Mountain.
The first time we've relied on others to help make us through.

But enough of that.

The trip was all around, great. Kings Mountain State Park is probably one of the nicest State Parks in South Carolina that I've stayed in. In addition to just being a beautiful park, the camp sites were laid out nicely and the staff was really friendly.

We arrived at the Park just after 3pm on Friday. We were a little worried about how long it would take us to set up the travel trailer, being our first time and all, but luckily for us our neighbor, Alex, helped us with a few key issues and got us right on track. He will be known to me forever as Awesome Alex, because without him we would have probably never had a level trailer and would have burned up our water heater. Our "RV newbieness" was totally showing.

The only downside to our trip was the weather. It was a little colder than I normally would like to camp in. Thankfully the RV's furnace worked perfectly and we stayed warm at night, but it did kind of hinder the outdoor fun. Not to mention, we are all coming down with either a cold or allergies are starting to hit us all.

Saturday morning, after breakfast we drove over to Kings Mountain National Park and went through the Kings Mountain museum. Also, there's an "encampment" exhibit where people dressed in period clothing and basically had a mini-camp set up to see how it was like living out in the battles of the revolutionary war. We got there just in time to see a demo of their guns, which was really exciting even for someone like me.

After that we went back to the camp grounds and while my husband and son played I went to the central area of the campgrounds for a Dutch Oven Cooking Demo put on by a lady who also works the Living Farm in the park. She was really interesting and knew her dutch ovens! Now I want one!

The two parks, the State Park and the National Park are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from one another and both are equally beautiful. I'm really surprised that I haven't heard about it before considering that I live under 2 hours away.

If you are a history buff or just someone who likes to do some camping, go to Kings Mountain State Park, it's worth it for the history and the beauty.

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Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

As Twitter becomes more mainstream, I’ve seen people ask the question, “Why would Twitter be useful for me as an individual?”

Here’s my Top-10 Twitter Is Great Because…. answer:

  1. I’ve been introduced to great wines
  2. I’ve gotten suggestions for some great cigars
  3. I’ve been given recipes that are scrum-o-licious
  4. I’ve gotten the opportunity to do more product reviews
  5. I found great reviews & advice for buying new gadgets
  6. It’s re-enforced my addiction to reality television (not sure if that’s good or not)
  7. I’ve had great political discussions
  8. I’ve met local, great entrepreneurs and business people
  9. I’ve been able to network with other mothers
  10. Most of all, I’ve made some great new acquaintances and friends from around the world that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

I don’t use twitter for business purposes. I use it for personal enjoyment and I must say that it’s been the best social network I’ve ever joined!

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Because here, in South Carolina, snow days are celebrated more than state holidays!

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Prime Pimpin

((Forgive the choppy editing, I'm learning!!)