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As Twitter becomes more mainstream, I’ve seen people ask the question, “Why would Twitter be useful for me as an individual?”

Here’s my Top-10 Twitter Is Great Because…. answer:

  1. I’ve been introduced to great wines
  2. I’ve gotten suggestions for some great cigars
  3. I’ve been given recipes that are scrum-o-licious
  4. I’ve gotten the opportunity to do more product reviews
  5. I found great reviews & advice for buying new gadgets
  6. It’s re-enforced my addiction to reality television (not sure if that’s good or not)
  7. I’ve had great political discussions
  8. I’ve met local, great entrepreneurs and business people
  9. I’ve been able to network with other mothers
  10. Most of all, I’ve made some great new acquaintances and friends from around the world that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

I don’t use twitter for business purposes. I use it for personal enjoyment and I must say that it’s been the best social network I’ve ever joined!

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Angela Moore said...

Great list. I've had very similar experiences on Twitter. I've even made plans to meet up with some of the women I've met on Twitter so we can meet in person. I can't think of another online tool where that has happened to me!

Mike Doe said...

Great list, especially #10! Besides being a lot of fun, Twitter let us know that there are crazy, uh, like-minded people all over.

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