In a Twilight Cave

3.28.2009 |

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I do believe that I am one of the last women in America who has yet to read, see or even care about Twilight.

Even my hair dresser is so enthralled that during my last appointment as I sat under the dryer, she sat next to me totally captivated in her book. She's on the 3rd, or was it the 4th?

Everyone I talk to who has read it is completely infatuated with "Edward" and the love story that makes up the books. It's the vampire lure, the love of the immortal hottie.

It's just something that I can't see myself buying, let alone getting wrapped up in. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe if I just read the first one I'll understand?

Either way, for now at least I'll continue to be in the Twilight Cave. I still have a list of true crime books to read first.

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Gaelen said...

You're not in the Twilight-free cave alone. :-)

JL Coburn said...

Yay! I was beginning to wonder if you would fall for it to. What ever happened to vampires being self-serving monsters?

PartyGurle said...

Yeah, I'm in that cave with you too...

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