They say that with age comes wisdom.
I’m not really sure who “they” are or how “they” know, but for the sake of not complicating life anymore than I already do, I’ll just take “them” and “their” words at face value.
May 4th is my birthday and I’ll be turning 1 year older – that is unless in one week’s time I find a way to rip a hole in the time and space continuum – which hasn’t really been a goal of mine so it’s highly unlikely.
I’ve never been one of those girls who are hung up on the whole age thing. I turned 30 gracefully, or at least what I can remember of that night was graceful. So turning 34 isn’t really any more of big deal.
Frankly, I’m already having to do the math of figuring out my age a few months before my birthday, so realistically that just puts me in the “You can’t remember how old you are anymore so you are just effin’ old” category.
And I don’t mind that at all. I am not trying to compete with the 20-somethings out there. I had my day in my 20-something glory. I had fun! But now I’m having a different kind of fun.
This usually doesn’t include hangovers or having to save up for the possibility of needing bail money.
I look back at all I’ve done throughout my life and I’ve learned so much and yes, I honestly do believe that with that sort of vision you do gain wisdom. You have a different perspective on life as years pass by and your goals and aspirations change. I love who I have been and who I am becoming as I change with each passing year.
But seriously, I make really dumb decisions every day. Just this morning I decided to wear a bra that I have known for months is uncomfortable – where’s the wisdom in that!?
So, looking back over this year and reminiscing on things done and said, overall I have gotten wiser and here are a few pieces of wisdom flair I’d like to share with all of my friends in hopes that you can save yourself some time, embarrassment and money.
Jonna’s 34th Birthday Wisdom Bits
    1. When your son head butted you 6 months ago and you managed to not scream out profanities – rejoice in your wisdom, because now he’s not the one teaching those cuss words to his friends in daycare – he actually just picked them up from one of his other little buddies.
    2. Deciding to invest in your hair color instead of saving the money for a rainy day that one time may not have been the most financially sound decision you’ve ever made but damn your hair still looks good. HAH Mr. Trump, you may have riches but money obviously can’t fix that flop!
    3. Chocolate is a food group and is acceptable for dinner on occasions.
    4. Exercise really does make you feel better (especially after indulging in #3), but seriously, you can’t lose 10lbs in 30 minutes on the elliptical – I know, I tried.
    5. Whenever you are feeling down about life, go get your hair done or a pedicure or a facial. Life may still suck later but at least you’ll feel a little prettier, which isn’t half as sucky as being all pouty AND ugly.
    6. And finally (because I had to end on an even number!), use twitter all the time. Not only can you broadcast your thoughts instantly and live to regret them, but you will also realize that your such an open book no one even needs to ask you “what are you up to?” because they all follow you already!