Recently my husband and I decided that we were interested in having a cleaning service come to the house once a month to help take care of some of the chores that we both fall behind on (read as: we hate to do them so we just, don’t). Things like cleaning baseboards, windows, mirrors. If I were to be honest I could make that list much longer but for the sake of trying to keep my reputation as somewhat of a homemaker I’ll pretend I actually like doing laundry, dishes and dusting.

So, I call a local company and I set up a time to have them come to the house and walk through it with me for an estimate of cost. I am generally very critical of people being on-time for appointments, especially businesses. So, when my appointment time of 5:30 came and went, I was annoyed to say the least. So, my husband and I hop in the car and I tell my father-in-law (who will forever be known as “The Mean Greek”) that if they do show up to tell them we no longer need their services.

I must interject here.

There’s one thing about the Greek’s I love. They are absolutely the most blunt people I have ever met. Here in nice ole’ lil’ South Carolina, they come off as rude – to me, it’s heaven. You never need to wonder what they are thinking because not only have they already told you, but they’ve probably informed 15 people around you as well.

So, my husband and I are at Academy Sports picking out his father’s day gift and my phone rings, I don’t recognize the number so I don’t answer, but what I do realize is that my calendar of appointments has just informed me that my appointment time with said no-show-cleaning company was really at 6:00pm not 5:30pm, and the time was currently 6:02. Of course I had to scream “Oh-my-god-Chris-I-totally-goofed-and-forgot-the-appointment-time-and-it’s-like-now!” to which my husband replied, “ok, so now what”.

Before I could answer that my phone rings again with an unknown number and I’m sure I know who it is so I answer. It was the gentleman who I spoke to the previous day to set up our appointment, except now, his voice isn’t so welcoming.

The conversation goes something to this extent:

Him: Hi, Jonna this is So-And-So from Angry-Cleaning-Company and I just got done speaking with someone at your house.

Me: Hi, let me first apologize, I’m so sorry, I made a mistake about our time and thought our appointment was at 5:30 and literally, just now realized it was supposed to be at 6:00. I’m very sorry again to make you go out of your way.

Him: Yes, that’s fine, however who was the gentleman I spoke with at your house?

Me: He’s my father-in-law…

Him: He is extremely rude and I understand that you made a mistake and we can reschedule for another time for me to come back out and do an estimate however I have to ask, does he live there or was he just babysitting.

Me: He lives there and let me explain..

Him: Well, is he going to be there if we come out and clean because honestly, I’m not sure I want to subject my employees to that because honestly, I’m just going to be honest here, he is a mean, grouchy old man.

Me: Well, yes he can be, but only because he was under the impression that your company had pulled a no-show on me and I was irritated as well. But Sir, I’m not available right now to reschedule and I would like to, and I apologize…

Him: I mean I have never been talked to that way and I have to say..

Me: Yes I understand and I apologized, it was a misunderstanding and it was my fault and…

And that’s when it hit me. I finished the conversation up telling him that I would call back tomorrow if I wanted to reschedule the appointment. I apologized again for his inconvenience because it was, for him to drive out all that way to get cussed out for no reason.

But I won’t be calling back. See, here’s my opinion. Yes, I made a mistake, a big one. Someone got cussed out (not literally) for it, who shouldn’t have been. But seriously, I’ve worked in customer service for years and I would have NEVER told a customer that their relative was an angry, old man. Especially after learning that there was a misunderstanding to begin with to cause that to happen. Talk about unprofessional.

I’ll take my punches where they are due, I caused it all to happen but seriously, don’t call my father-in-law a grumpy old man. So, now I move on and find another company to work with (one that may be able to handle some lip from a 78 year old Greek guy) so HAH!

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robin butler said...

im known paul for 23 years and yes he does come off that way but i wouldnt have it any other way at least you know where you stand with paul and for that i love him so dearly. i hate not being able to spend time with you,chris.nikkos and paul. i hope we can do that in the future

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