Typically, when one goes on vacation the first thing you do the first day of your vacation is to sleep in. Apparently, that's not the case for me. My body is still in full-time work mode and I've been popping up in bed at 6:15 AM. Totally unacceptable.

But, considering the holiday, I suppose I should be thankful that at least I'm sleeping in an extra 15 minutes and slept well.

Also, when one goes on vacation, they usually don't work harder around their house than they do on the typical week. Apparently, that's not the deal with me. I've been running around like a crazed woman trying to get my house ready so promptly after the last crumb of Thanksgiving has been wiped from the table, I can instantly transform into Christmas mode. I'd really do it now but my husband would stab me in the face for putting my tree up before the ole' Turkey is served. Okay, not stab me in the face literally, but he would shoot me stabby-looks until I would prefer if he would have just physically done it.

But, I should be thankful again that I have the time off from work (and gainfully employed) to do all of this!

See, I'm getting better, I'm not all bitter! I'm only 50% bitter during the holidays!

Every few days I sit down and I do a Google Search on "Nook vs Kindle" and it's interesting to see the results (hint: click back there). I really wanted a Kindle. Like really, really wanted. To the point that I wanted it because it was a Kindle, not because of it's features or it's books or because it was worth $279 in my mind. It was... (drum roll).. the Kindle, right? I mean, nothing is supposed to be better.

Then I actually read the specs on the Barnes & Noble's Nook.

Wait a minute? Dual Screen? Color? Expandable memory? Android OS? Seriously? Those are just a few of the features that first stood out. The "lend" feature that allows me to lend out my purchased e-books for 14 days to friends running the Nook application. Built in Wi-fi, exclusive content while I sip my coffee at my local store, PDF reader compatibility! OH MY!

Most importantly, I can read my eBooks on multiple platform devices, PC's, iPhones, Macs! What?

Do I need to go on? Of course!
I can preview titles in store, I can personalize my screen saver and I can replace the battery!

I started off fighting the Nook, I fought liking it. I cursed it's name because it didn't start with a "K". But now... I embrace it.. I welcome it's beautiful Android OS and..

Hopefully, I'll be doing an unboxing video come Christmas day!!! (Hint Hint Hubby!!)