Yes I am one of those people who:

  1.  Didn't pre-order my Droid X
  2.  Wants a Droid X
  3.  Will be heading to my local Verizon store at 8am to get my Droid X
  4.  Will be totally frantic if I walk out of that store without a Droid X

It just so happens that I have some appointments on Thursday that I had to take a vacation day from work to do. When I realized that Thursday was the release date of the Motorola Droid X, I had to take advantage of it for one reason and one reason only.

My husband pre-ordered his Droid X from Best Buy and I want to get one before him.

Sure, I want the phone but why go so far as to plan ahead and pre-order when I can spend my morning on a treasure hunt like adventure, only the treasure isn't gold, it's the Droid X!

Well, okay so I've kind of cheated, I talked to a rep from my local Verizon Store and basically set an appointment with him to pick up my Droid X at 12:30, so it's not like I'm digging on exotic beaches or threatening Verizon sales reps for it.

But will that stop me from driving to the other Verizon stores after dropping my son off at 8am to see if I can get one before 12:30? Hell no!

Bring on my Droid X!

PS. Could I possibly link to Droid X anymore???