• I am not a domestic diva.
  • I dislike dishes and mopping.
  • Laundry is not edgy.

There, I said it. I came clean. I feel better. Please don’t judge me so harshly. It’s not really my fault that I’m a pampered, not-really-in-touch-with-the-whole-domestic-thing wife. I mean, it started out innocently enough, who would have thought it would have lead to all this?

See, back a few years ago… 8 years ago to be exact, I married my wonderful Greek man. I essentially tied the knot in the rope that bound me to no longer live my wild ways and started down the path of domestication. Let me explain....
When I got married, I didn’t know that shortly after moving into our first house, we were going to move my husband's Father in with us. When I found out, I was ecstatic (that is after I freaked out and realized there was no way to avoid it). But, as life happens, we all must do things that take us a little out of our comfort zone. So, my Father-in-Law, who is known by anyone who is anyone, as “Pop” moved in and in a few short months everything had settled down and I realized that having him with us really wasn’t as bad as I thought.
I mean, he’s Greek so he is a great cook by nature (no, really, I think it’s in their genes). He's retired and basically has two hobbies:
1.       Grocery Shopping – not because he likes to shop, but my theory is, he likes to find the best deal he can on meat. Then when he finds the one place in the 100 mile radius that he travels with the best price per pound, he laughs methodically which is how he subliminally sticks it to the other 6 stores that charged pennies more per pound! He’s Greek, being cheap frugal is his nature.
2.       Sudoku – Seriously, this man is a Sudoku machine! His mind is a calculator (again, he’s Greek!)  But really, after a hard day of trying to negotiate with the Bi-Lo Meat Man to lower the price of rib eye steaks, you have to do something to unwind right?
But back to the story…  
So, since he really didn’t have anything else to  fill the day and he really didn't mind cooking (did I mention he used to run a restaurant?), Pop would cook dinner for us during the week and occasionally sweep and mop the non-carpeted floors (if only I could have convinced him that vacuums are fun). Then, he started a morning routine of unloading the dishwasher that he so happily loaded the night before after dinner.

See, most of this additional housework he was doing started when I was on bed rest with my son. And it just kind of carried over. And frankly, anyone in my house that wants to do housework, well, who am I to stop them!

Well, Pop is gone. He’s gone back to Greece to visit with his family for the next 4 months and something days and frankly, I’m counting every hour until his return because after 8 years of being pampered and having basically only vacuuming and laundry to take care of, well… I miss the old Greek! What can I say, I mean I’ve always cleaned the toilets and such but when you add on the nightly chores of cooking dinner and cleaning up behind yourself, well, frankly, I’m thinking that is just a little too much to ask!

Do other women really do this? EVERY DAY? I commend you. Because being a mother is hard enough. Holding down my day job is hard enough (and right now harder than most times). Cleaning the toilets every week or so is hard enough. Spending Sundays in my bedroom folding clothes while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey is hard enough! But now… cooking and cleaning EVERY NIGHT?!?! 

Ludicrous I tell you!

So, as you drift off to sleep tonight, if you think you hear the faint sound of sobbing and the echo of "Pop... come.. home!...."... yeah it was me. 


PartyGurle said...

You're too funny Jonna, but I love you :) He'll be back before you know it!

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