Strawberry is my son’s class pet that he named. Remember that? Well, last Thursday I walked into my son’s classroom and Strawberry wasn’t looking so hot. As in, I think fish aren’t supposed to float vertically, not good. I figured that Strawberry would be gone when I picked him up, but when I arrived that afternoon, Strawberry was still doing the vertical dance of the dead. When my son noticed me peering into the small bowl he quickly reassured me, “Mommy, Strawberry is sick and Ms. Teacher is taking him to the doctor.” Well, I have to admit, 

I’m glad Ms. Teacher told them that, because frankly, I wasn’t prepared to explain the whole death thing, especially not without a drink or two.

So, fast forward to this morning…. And guess who’s back from the doctor? You guessed it! Good ole’ Strawberry.

So I’ve successfully avoided dunking my 4 year old in a small tank of reality… let’s see how much longer I can keep this up!