My son’s class (4k) at school (daycare) got a new class pet. Because isn’t the first step to instilling a life of responsibility is to introduce a fish to a group of 4 year olds and hope that their attention span lasts long enough to remember to feed it that afternoon?

So, the class pet is a little, red, beta fish.

And this little, red, beta fish has enabled my son’s genius to shine.

He is a genius. His teacher recognizes it. Why else would she have chosen his name suggestions for the new fish if it weren’t born from true genius?

But more importantly, than the fact that my son was the one to name the fish, it was the reasoning behind it.

Nik: Fishy is red and itty, I name it ‘Strawberry’!

I suppose now, I’m going to have to prepare myself for his eminent future as a rocket scientist or a doctor, obviously. Not to mention up my monthly contribution to his college savings fund, how else are we supposed to pay for all those PHD’s and ABC’s that follow people’s names that have the super smarts like my son has?

Oh, strike that, I guess I have to START that college savings fund.
And yeh.. he may not get all the ABC’s behind the name (or he may!) but I still think it’s super cool he named his class pet.


Jack In SC said...

Did they feed him that afternoon?????

Me. Myself and Jonna said...

Indeed! He is always well fed at school LOL!

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