So, as you might have known from my first post on my blog, my Facebook account was recently hacked along with my Gmail account.

Well, the Gmail account is long gone. Bye. Bye. Bye!

But I got my Facebook back! Apparently, after I created my "New & Improved" Facebook account, something went haywire and one night when I tried logging on to my "New & Improved Facebook it said "please confirm your cell phone number". Which, I knew I couldn't do because my cell phone was attached to my old account. So, I put my cell phone number in and it then guess what it told me?

That cell phone number is attached to another account. Duh!

So there was a small little link that said "Why Am I Getting This Error?" And I click it.

The next thing I know I get a code sent to my cell phone, I put the code back in Facebook and VIOLA! My old Facebook has been given back to me because apparently hackers only steal passwords, not cellphones!

I wish Facebook would have made this known to me earlier but regardless, I am doing the much-overjoyed-happy-dance!

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