Last Thursday as I was as I was sitting in the dentist chair getting impressions made for my new night guard (the whole stress, grinding, clenching thing we’ll talk about another time), my cell phone started going crazy with text messages and voicemails. Apparently, earlier that morning (5:27am to be exact), my main Gmail account sent out a nice little email spamming all my friends and alerting them and me to the fact that I had taken an impromptu vacation to Scotland (on a Thursday nonetheless) and during that trip myself and my family were mugged. So, as most mugging victims abroad, I needed money.

If only that were the end of it.

It turns out my Gmail account was hacked. My password was changed and I lost all access to basically my entire life. My calendar, my RSS feeds, my other 3 blogs, my Picasa pictures and everything else associated with my Gmail account. Then, to make things even more fun (yippie!) my Facebook account was hacked and my password changed .

Despite every effort of giving enough information to Google to prove that I was the owner of my Google account, apparently I couldn’t convince them. Seriously though, who knows the exact date they started using Google services? Do you? Because that’s the type of information the form requested!

I’ve emailed Facebook at least a dozen times with not even an canned response in return. From reading other posts it seems that once you lose control of your Facebook, you’re hosed.

So… I did what every normal person would do… create a new one! Of course!

Now, I sit and rebuild my online life.  So welcome to my NEW & IMPROVED (not by choice) little segment of the internet!

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