In the past 2 months or so, I've found myself having to answer the same question over and over again.

"Why did you want to move to St. George, Utah?"

Well, here's a few of the reasons why, verbally. I think posting pictures would really show a lot of why I want to be here, but there are a lot more reasons than just the scenery.

1. It has a small town feel.
2. Kids play outside, by themselves, wihtout fear of being kidnapped or killed.
3. Crime rate is substantially lower than where I lived in South Carolina.
4. It's beautiful here, clear blue skys, vivid red bluffs & views from every direction.
5. It is situated 40 minutes from Zion National Park. 2 hours from Vegas. 4 hours from the Grand Canyon. 4-something hours from Bryce Canyon. 5 hours from Anaheim, CA.
6. It sits as a wonderful base camp for adventurous souls such as mine to travel around, camp or just day trip to see beautiful parts of our country.

My grandparents used to live here. I have wonderful memories of visiting them here and honestly, never thought I'd come to live here. I moved here briefly after graduating High School to attend Dixie State College and again never thought I'd really live here.

Now, I live here. Like anywhere, there's things wrong in the area. Is the small town immune to drugs or gangs? No. But the violence isn't nearly as rampant as it is in other places. Are there issue within the local government, sure! Pick up the local paper and you can read people complain about odrinances and laws and government officials just like everywhere else. But overall, I really enjoy this area of our country. The desert climate is perfect for my allergies.

My only regret with moving here is that I couldn't bring my friends and family with me. But, having been a military brat and living around the world, I know that true friends last through miles and family will always be in our hearts.

So... that's why I moved to St. George, Utah.

What to see some shots of St. George? Click Here.

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