Be appreciative for everything you have and for those that have helped you get to where you are.

To be grateful for even the smallest things in life because they can quickly be taken away.

If you love your friends and family, tell them. Don't take them for granted because they too can be gone in an instant.

Work hard but play hard. Life is only a one shot deal so make it worth it.

Be happy, because it's too easy to not be!

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Why you should never hit a burning microwave with a rake

.... everyone knows you should hit it with a broom!

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No seriously, I want it.

I mean I was raised in the land of the rising sun so what could possibly be more fitting than tattooedmommie having tattooed yakuza sticking out of my laptop?

Other than tattooedmommie having a tattooedmommie sticking out of my laptop, but I digress.

You can buy one for me pick one up here

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My office window looks out to the back yard of a rectory, literally into the back of it and partially into their wall of windows that makes up the whole backside of the house. If you're like me, you didn't really know what a rectory was, so when my co-workers told me that the first place I hit was Google. So here's what it is for those of you who don't know.

Rectorythe residence, or former residence, of a rector, most often a Christian cleric, but in some cases an academic rector or other person with that title. Many former rectories may still be referred to locally as a rectory once a church or religious organisation has vacated the property.

It's kind of cool to get the backyard view of a rectory because those clergy do some pretty cool stuff.
One day, they had someone come and replace a portion of their roof. Not exciting but it was a nice change of pace to watch.
Another day the maid (I'm assuming since she didn't wear a little collar thingy), was watering the plants outside, which wasn't overly interesting but it was kind of weird to think they have a maid.
Today one of the clergy (he was wearing a ltitel collar thingy) was cooking something outside in an electric wok. And let me tell you, it smelled awesome.

I had to resist the urge to yell out the window, "Hey Father, can a Mormon chick get in on some of that or is it for the Catholics only??" But I restrained.

Yup, those clergy are kind of interesting, let me tell ya. I don't know what they do in the rectory. But I do know two things.
First, whatever homeboy was cooking, it smelled delicious, so I'm going to generalize and say clergy must be great cooks.
Second, they do a kickbutt job on christmas decorating. The entire back all of this rectory is a tinted glass and I can see the lights from two christmas trees. Nice job!

So.. there you have it... the beginning of tales from the backside of a rectory...

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So I read a report this morning that basically there's a lot of people who have nothing better to do with their time than to risk the lives of those travelling on a plane by shinning lasers at the planes (and in one instance a helicopter) pilots.

No really, read the story yourself here

Really?? My first concern is why are there so many freakin' lasers out there? Then my second concern is, why do these people think it's funny to try and blind pilots. I mean, what about trying to blind your dad while he's pulling in the driveway, or the mail lady while she's trying to deliver your mail? But pilots?

This is another reason, of so many, why I shake my head at our society today.

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Here we are just a few short weeks from Christmas and here all I can think about is the upcoming Superbowl!
Not that I don’t love Christmas! It’s one of my most favorite holidays. It’s just that the Superbowl is so much of a stress free celebration that Christmas is. Depending on who’s playing we either have a party or we don’t. My folks don’t travel across the country to be with us on the Superbowl, although I’m so thankful that they do on Christmas – it really wouldn’t be the same. But I don’t have to go shopping months before the Superbowl for gifts to give, I don’t have to decorate (especially since it’s been years since *MY* team has played).

I guess I should be more thankful for Christmas, the true meaning and the fun. But some years, like this one, it’s much easier for me to look forward to nachos and kickoff time.

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Nerdy Christmas!

12.03.2010 |

Being the nerd that I am, when I saw this post on Mashable this morning about the QR Code wrapping paper, I knew, I just KNEW, I had to order this.

I mean seriously, how do you resist?

And in other news, I've had so much to blog about that I've gone into blogger overdose and have just done a memory wipe of all blogging topics, that's why it's been so quiet around here.

I'm sure, that will all change again soon..... or not. Who knows.

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