Here we are just a few short weeks from Christmas and here all I can think about is the upcoming Superbowl!
Not that I don’t love Christmas! It’s one of my most favorite holidays. It’s just that the Superbowl is so much of a stress free celebration that Christmas is. Depending on who’s playing we either have a party or we don’t. My folks don’t travel across the country to be with us on the Superbowl, although I’m so thankful that they do on Christmas – it really wouldn’t be the same. But I don’t have to go shopping months before the Superbowl for gifts to give, I don’t have to decorate (especially since it’s been years since *MY* team has played).

I guess I should be more thankful for Christmas, the true meaning and the fun. But some years, like this one, it’s much easier for me to look forward to nachos and kickoff time.

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