Be appreciative for everything you have and for those that have helped you get to where you are.

To be grateful for even the smallest things in life because they can quickly be taken away.

If you love your friends and family, tell them. Don't take them for granted because they too can be gone in an instant.

Work hard but play hard. Life is only a one shot deal so make it worth it.

Be happy, because it's too easy to not be!


lori said...

I miss you so much Jonna and I can't wait for you to be HOME!!! I'm determined that 2011 is going to be better than 2010 (it has to right) and having you back is going to kick start my success:)

Love you all,

tattooedmommie said...

You are one of those people Lori, that I am truly thankful for. Without you, I would have never accomplished many things, like moving into Programming and having the strength to bring Nikkos into this world!!
I've got your back through anything! 2011 will be a fantastic year because together we can do anything!!

PartyGurle said...

Well put! That being said...I love you friend! :)

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