I haven't always been a fan of valentine's day.

It's not that I didn't like flowers or candy or sweets, but it was that I always wondered if what I gave was good enough. So, I always just took the approach that it was another holiday that basically should be ignored because there should be no such thing that makes you second guess if you're showing your love adequately enough or not.

Then I got married. Maybe it's the rush and hustle of life, especially when you're married with kids (or kid in my case). Maybe it's just that it's so easy to take for granted what your significant other means to you. Maybe it's just that sometimes it's fun to be mushy and gushy for no reason other than it's the 14th of February.

So for all of you out there who like to celebrate valentine's day, for whatever reason (the mush, the gush, or just the candy)... here's a virtual chocolate hug from me to you and I hope your day has been romantic and fun and I hope that you renew yourself to your lover to be together forever and ever....
Isn't that what valentine's all about?

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So I've taken a small hiatus from blogging. Apparently moving across country and back will take up a decent amount of your time! So, because that's what I've been doing, I haven't really had time to blog!

But, now that I am back in South Carolina and I'm somewhat settled, hopefully that will change. Let's just hope building a house doesn't suck up as much time as the moves did.
So now that we are back in the Dirrrrrty South (thanks Goodie Mob!) I've got a lot of things on my list of "to-dos"! For one, my son's birthday is this week, so that will undoubtedly keep us busy. But reaching out a little further in our future, my husband and I have decided that since we've visited Las Vegas at least six or seven times in the last four months while we were living out there, instead of having a cheesy 10 year anniversary getting remarried by Elvis, we'd rather spend it somewhere beachy.. like Key West.

So besides figuring out a way to get Carolina vs. Clemson tickets, my big personal project is to plan our 10 year anniversary (2012) in Key West!
Oh, but for our 9th year anniversary, coming up this April, we're going to take it easy.. maybe a nice dinner or something. We've figured we've spent enough money this year on moving every one of our earthly items out west and then back again to really splurge.

Ah it's good to be back in the blog-a-sphere!

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Super Bowl XLV

2.06.2011 |

Steelers vs Packers!

Since I'm a fan of neither, I'm rooting for the commercials! Although frankly, I'm ready for the Steel curtain to fall.

But.. to all a great Superbowl and may the best team win!

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I love!!