The calendar says it's spring. I'm not quite buying it yet. We had a week or so back in "winter" that was absolutely awesome, with almost 80 degree highs. But in reality, all that did was bring out the pollen and then the temps dropped again and now we are back to "spring" and it's lovely 50 degree highs and rain.

But at least it's Spring.

And with the coming of Spring, it awakens in me the wanderlust that somewhat goes dormant over the winter. It makes me want to throw on my hiking gear and explore. It makes me want to buy a really good rain jacket if the weather is going to keep up like this, but nonetheless it makes me want to hike and camp and just plan outdoorsy stuff.

But, I have one major change to my outdoorsy stuff this year. Late last year when we made an move out West, I had made the decision that all of my hiking this year would be in preparation for my birthday hike in May on the infamous Angel's Landing trail in Zion National Park. Since now in order to do that, I'd have to fly back out there, I'm thinking I need another equally awe inspiring hike to take its place this coming May.

So this will be my focus for the next little bit. I'm looking into some section hikes of the Appalachian Trail, the Natural Bridge in VA or maybe there's another great weekender hike that will fill the void that I leave of not being able to hike Angel's Landing.


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