Once upon a time my husband took me to The Lazy Goat for our anniversary, which is a restaurant that overlooks Falls Park in downtown Greenville, SC.

I couldn't pronounce anything on the menu, but the waiter was tolerant of me and extremely helpful making suggestions.

It was love at first eat. I will go back. You should go, too.

The End.

(the best stories are those that get right to the freakin' point - GO!)

Ta da! My newest tattoo is a small pink heart on my wedding band finger that I had done on 04/20/2011.

Once it heals, my wedding band and engagement ring slide nicely over it and keeps it mostly concealed.

See, I was married to my wonderful husband on 04/20/2002 and so it was only appropriate that for my nine year anniversary I get tattooed (even if we said we weren't getting presents for each other). What? I can justify anything for a reason to get a tattoo if you give me enough time or motivation!

So, I went to visit Jordy at Shanghai Tattoo Company in Spartanburg, SC. I normally would say I will never be tattooed by anyone but Chris Stuart from Ace Custom Tattoo, however the fact that I wanted to surprise my husband with it meant that driving to Charlotte on my lunch break just wasn't an option.

But I'm very happy with the work Jordy did and I'm contemplating getting some other little pieces done by Jay. By the way, speaking of Jay... if you ever want to know the most intricate in's and out's of laser tattoo removal, go see him! I mean seriously, as I told him I was having a few tattoos removed with laser and it wasn't going all that well, he told me so much more than I had ever even wanted to know about lasers and how tattoos are removed it was almost a little mind boggling.  Homeboy is smart. And super entertaining. Between Jay and Jordy and the conversations we had about tattoo culture here in South Carolina vs other cities and tattoo removal, I wanted to stay all day and hang out and talk! But alas, I had to go back to work and eventually to my very romantic anniversary dinner.

My husband thought it was cute, even after I tried to explain that it was a present for him... on me... for me.. but for him... (yeah, that made as much sense now as it did when I was trying to spin it to him then). But that's one of my cute (I say) attributes that my husband loves about me (again, I say).

It's Earth Day! So go see the earth! Or more realistically, why not take some time this weekend, especially if you're going to have some amazing weather like we are, and go hike!

Even better, go hike at a National Park being that this week is National Park Week and that means you can get into the parks for free 

Happy Earth Day... go and visit the great outdoors!

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With all of the disasters that have been making headlines lately, I wanted to share a link that I think is absolutely invaluable to anyone and everyone. The Red Cross provides the Safe and Well website which allows anyone at anytime to register themselves so that in the event that there is a disaster, you will be able to update your status to notify your loved ones if you are okay.

The wonderful thing about this service is that you can register now.. even though you may not be affected by a disaster and you'll receive your code so that in an emergency event you can update it with whatever situation is applicable to you, such as "Evacuating, going to friend's house" or "The family & I are safe and well". The site allows your loved ones to search for you by name, phone number or address and for them to view your status to give them peace of mind when reaching people by phone or email  or text may not be an option.

Another way that this site is used is for travelling. And because it's international if you can register yourself safe and well and update your status during your travelling to let your family know that you're travels are going as planned.

So, take a moment to check out the Red Cross website and click on their  Safe and Well link to read more about how this website can help you locate or be located during a time of disaster. And, if you're feeling frisky, sign up to volunteer for your local chapter of the American Red Cross! And if you happen to be in the Upstate of South Carolina, get in touch with me personally and I'd be happy to get you pointed in the right direction whether it be with the Upstate Red Cross chapter or the Piedmont Red Cross chapter!

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Black HouseBlack House by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so glad to have extended "Travelin' Jack" and his adventures further with this book, however I will say I was a little disappointed with the story in comparison to The Talisman. Which, how can you not compare?

Overall the story was great. The characters were just as intense and incredible as those in The Talisman, but I felt throughout the book that something was missing. I'm not sure what, but it just left me slightly (ever so) disappointed.

I highly recommend the book just to get your fill of Jack & the Territories (although not quiet as prevalent this time), that in itself is why it's a great read.

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Tonight I cooked dinner. Which considering I have 2 Greek males in my house, says a lot. So of course I wanted something different but something completely simple.

So I stole Backpacking Dad's Simple Tomato Pasta. What? It had "simple" in the name, I had to!

And it turned out great! Although the husband hasn't tried it yet, and I'm sure he's going to complain that there's not enough meat in it (as it's a vegetarian dish), but I'm sure he'll like it none the less.

And did I mention it's totally simple. Like so simple, if you can boil water, you can make this? Yes. so go check out the link and try it for a summer dish!

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`I recently bought my son the classic nite-nite story Goodnight Moon. I felt that I was obligated to after it randomly appeared on my Barnes & Noble search and the reviews indicated that apparently I was the only mother in the entire world, or even universe for that matter, who has never read this book to my child.

I had to buy it. So I did.

And I'll be the first to admit that I don't really pay attention to some of the books that I read to my son as nite-nite books because most fall into 1 of 3 categories.

  1. Boring 1 line per page books that barely hold my interest
  2. Dr Suess books that require me to concentrate more on how to pronounce Mulligatawny or Tufted Mazurka.
  3. Exciting books that I read over and over but rarely look at the pictures.

So Goodnight Moon falls in category 1, which is why I haven't really paid much attention to the artwork or really deciphered the meaning behind it's bizarrely simple storyline.

And now.. I don't need to, because this gem of a blog post popped up on my RSS feed earlier about the sweet bedtime story and now, I'll never be able to read it to my son again without laughing manically afterwards.

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The TakingThe Taking by Dean Koontz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book totally took me by surprise. Without giving away any spoilers, I'll just say that I began this book interested in the story, half way through I was hooked on the plot but was semi-turned off by the whole alien thing. I've never really been an alien type sci-fi fan, but the story was so addictive that I really wanted to finish the story to see what would happen.

By the end of the book, when I got to the last chapter and finished the story, I stopped, put the book down and just totally laughed. It was a weird surprise ending and it made me look back through all the details of the book and realized that I had read the book but felt like I read a totally different story!

Such a great read! I went from "eh I'd recommend it" to now wanting everyone to read it!

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I'm really not understanding what the big internet fuss is over this whole "GoDaddy Guy Kills Elephant" deal. Did anyone read his explanation of how the elephants damage their crops? hello, it's not like they can just run to the freakin' grocery store to replace what the elephants destroyed! Also, he says that it's field dressed and that it feeds a number of villages.

So, everyone is in an uproar over what? That someone killed an elephant? That the GoDaddy guy killed an elephant? That the elephant was killed because we were invading it's homeland and frankly, the villages shouldn't have been there anyway, and then how dare they, actually feed villages in an area known for oh, not having so much food with said elephant?

Seriously internets... it's like everyone on the internet just looks for a bone to pick with anything.

Go to a zoo and pet an elephant or something already.

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