I'm really not understanding what the big internet fuss is over this whole "GoDaddy Guy Kills Elephant" deal. Did anyone read his explanation of how the elephants damage their crops? hello, it's not like they can just run to the freakin' grocery store to replace what the elephants destroyed! Also, he says that it's field dressed and that it feeds a number of villages.

So, everyone is in an uproar over what? That someone killed an elephant? That the GoDaddy guy killed an elephant? That the elephant was killed because we were invading it's homeland and frankly, the villages shouldn't have been there anyway, and then how dare they, actually feed villages in an area known for oh, not having so much food with said elephant?

Seriously internets... it's like everyone on the internet just looks for a bone to pick with anything.

Go to a zoo and pet an elephant or something already.

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