Ta da! My newest tattoo is a small pink heart on my wedding band finger that I had done on 04/20/2011.

Once it heals, my wedding band and engagement ring slide nicely over it and keeps it mostly concealed.

See, I was married to my wonderful husband on 04/20/2002 and so it was only appropriate that for my nine year anniversary I get tattooed (even if we said we weren't getting presents for each other). What? I can justify anything for a reason to get a tattoo if you give me enough time or motivation!

So, I went to visit Jordy at Shanghai Tattoo Company in Spartanburg, SC. I normally would say I will never be tattooed by anyone but Chris Stuart from Ace Custom Tattoo, however the fact that I wanted to surprise my husband with it meant that driving to Charlotte on my lunch break just wasn't an option.

But I'm very happy with the work Jordy did and I'm contemplating getting some other little pieces done by Jay. By the way, speaking of Jay... if you ever want to know the most intricate in's and out's of laser tattoo removal, go see him! I mean seriously, as I told him I was having a few tattoos removed with laser and it wasn't going all that well, he told me so much more than I had ever even wanted to know about lasers and how tattoos are removed it was almost a little mind boggling.  Homeboy is smart. And super entertaining. Between Jay and Jordy and the conversations we had about tattoo culture here in South Carolina vs other cities and tattoo removal, I wanted to stay all day and hang out and talk! But alas, I had to go back to work and eventually to my very romantic anniversary dinner.

My husband thought it was cute, even after I tried to explain that it was a present for him... on me... for me.. but for him... (yeah, that made as much sense now as it did when I was trying to spin it to him then). But that's one of my cute (I say) attributes that my husband loves about me (again, I say).


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