With all of the disasters that have been making headlines lately, I wanted to share a link that I think is absolutely invaluable to anyone and everyone. The Red Cross provides the Safe and Well website which allows anyone at anytime to register themselves so that in the event that there is a disaster, you will be able to update your status to notify your loved ones if you are okay.

The wonderful thing about this service is that you can register now.. even though you may not be affected by a disaster and you'll receive your code so that in an emergency event you can update it with whatever situation is applicable to you, such as "Evacuating, going to friend's house" or "The family & I are safe and well". The site allows your loved ones to search for you by name, phone number or address and for them to view your status to give them peace of mind when reaching people by phone or email  or text may not be an option.

Another way that this site is used is for travelling. And because it's international if you can register yourself safe and well and update your status during your travelling to let your family know that you're travels are going as planned.

So, take a moment to check out the Red Cross website and click on their  Safe and Well link to read more about how this website can help you locate or be located during a time of disaster. And, if you're feeling frisky, sign up to volunteer for your local chapter of the American Red Cross! And if you happen to be in the Upstate of South Carolina, get in touch with me personally and I'd be happy to get you pointed in the right direction whether it be with the Upstate Red Cross chapter or the Piedmont Red Cross chapter!

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