Three Hundred ZeroesThree Hundred Zeroes by Dennis Blanchard

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I started this book with average expectations and fell in love with it shortly after the 10th page. The author is really an inspiration, the story is easy to read and he really kept me laughing with his tales from the trail.

I now understand what the title means - which I won't spoil for anyone else.

Anyone who has thought about, planning on or has hiked (thru or section) the AT should read this just to read another's perspective on the trail and his life lessons he received from it.

Sure there are some parts I wish the author would have expanded on more but for the most part this was a great, light read.

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  • After hours work for my day job
  • Volunteering for the BMW Charity Pro AM
  • Constantly driving over to our new house to see progress, only to find none
  • Falling asleep on the couch promptly after dinner
  • I've become hopelessly boring

Life happens.

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Style Find

5.10.2011 |

As a member of BzzAgent I get the opportunity to find out about some great products and websites and to share my opinion about them in various ways. Recently I had the chance to check out StyleFind and see what kind of shopping trouble I could get myself into!

Of course, it's shopping, so what's not to love? The site is nice, they offer a variety of clothing & accessories and such, but frankly, I didn't see much different in it than I have in other shopping sites that I've visited. They have cute jewelry and great name brands for decent prices (although I've found cheaper prices elsewhere online - but not without some serious hunting).

Ultimately, I didn't really find anything that really made StyleFind stick out to me other than after signing up I received an email almost daily, which I opted out of very easily. But if you're looking for a place to shop online for name brands and you want a website that is easy to navigate with some really cute styles, StyleFind is another great link to add to your shopping bookmarks.

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Hey moms! Happy mother's day!

.... ok, that's all now get back to work!

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*Until this very moment I have had nothing but AWESOME words of glory for Barnes & Noble and my Nook.

I received a Barnes & Noble Nook two Christmases ago as a gift from my husband. This was just after they were released and as an early adopter, I expected there would be glitches. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the only real problem were a few minor software glitches that were eventually fixed in updates that were released.

Then, out of nowhere, one of the page buttons (the right forward button, if I recall) cracked suddenly. I don't remember hearing a distinct crack as the button itself usually emits a small pop when it's pressed, but what happens is, your finger feels it first. At that time, my Nook was under a year old and when I called Barnes & Noble Customer Service, I was offered a replacement Nook. After reading the forums on the Barnes & Noble forums, it was obvious this was a large scale problem and not just a handful of Nooks in a bad batch.

Here I am, a little over a year after my last Nook replacement and I've found that the left hand side forward page button has cracked. So I hit the Barnes & Noble forums again and I see quite a few threads of people who are having this same issue with brand new and replaced (not just first replacements but 2nd and 3rd) Nooks.

So, I call Barnes & Nobel customer service (getting through immediately, I might add!) and I inform the representative of my issue. After a few moments holding he comes back to tell me that the warranty on my Nook has expired as of December so there is nothing he can do.


I didn't drop my Nook. I didn't purposefully damage my Nook. The Nook has an obvious design flaw, which I have, up until now, been happy to tolerate because overall I love the product. However,  this really makes me angry. I feel like I've just been tossed aside by a company who's now moved on to NookColor and no longer cares about those of us who are loyal Nook original lovers!

So this stands to a warning to all those looking to purchase or who have purchased a Nook. Please make sure that your Nook does not break due to circumstances out of your control AFTER your warranty because well... Barnes & Noble just says "screw you".

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And low and behold... I'm still around!

Just sayin'.

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