*Until this very moment I have had nothing but AWESOME words of glory for Barnes & Noble and my Nook.

I received a Barnes & Noble Nook two Christmases ago as a gift from my husband. This was just after they were released and as an early adopter, I expected there would be glitches. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the only real problem were a few minor software glitches that were eventually fixed in updates that were released.

Then, out of nowhere, one of the page buttons (the right forward button, if I recall) cracked suddenly. I don't remember hearing a distinct crack as the button itself usually emits a small pop when it's pressed, but what happens is, your finger feels it first. At that time, my Nook was under a year old and when I called Barnes & Noble Customer Service, I was offered a replacement Nook. After reading the forums on the Barnes & Noble forums, it was obvious this was a large scale problem and not just a handful of Nooks in a bad batch.

Here I am, a little over a year after my last Nook replacement and I've found that the left hand side forward page button has cracked. So I hit the Barnes & Noble forums again and I see quite a few threads of people who are having this same issue with brand new and replaced (not just first replacements but 2nd and 3rd) Nooks.

So, I call Barnes & Nobel customer service (getting through immediately, I might add!) and I inform the representative of my issue. After a few moments holding he comes back to tell me that the warranty on my Nook has expired as of December so there is nothing he can do.


I didn't drop my Nook. I didn't purposefully damage my Nook. The Nook has an obvious design flaw, which I have, up until now, been happy to tolerate because overall I love the product. However,  this really makes me angry. I feel like I've just been tossed aside by a company who's now moved on to NookColor and no longer cares about those of us who are loyal Nook original lovers!

So this stands to a warning to all those looking to purchase or who have purchased a Nook. Please make sure that your Nook does not break due to circumstances out of your control AFTER your warranty because well... Barnes & Noble just says "screw you".

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Brandy said...

I know I am being lame but I just can't get into the E-Readers. Usually I am a gadget geek, I am drooling over all the the new shiny stuff coming out, but I just never got on the E-reader wagon. I love my good old fashioned books that don't have any buttons to break. LOL. Don't get me wrong I know there is a laundry list of "cons" to the old books but I love 'em. :-D

tattooedmommie said...

Brandy, I'll be honest, I was VERY skeptical at first to move to an e-Reader. But frankly, the reason I did was because I don't like to carry a bagfull of books around with me, and I like to read pretty spontaneously, so it's so very convenient to have 1000 something books on hand LOL. My one complaint, I miss the smell of books and the feel of paper. But overall, other than this stupid incident, I've been happy :) But I do keep my favorite books in "real" book form :)

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