The Obama DiariesThe Obama Diaries by Laura Ingraham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is tough for me to review. I don't normally like reading political books, per se. I read this book because supposedly there was a lot of satire, sarcasm and humor injected into it which I can never pass up. And frankly, it didn't disappoint in that area - but it was a pointed humor that isn't going to be appreciated by all.

Here's the real deal. This is a conservative, anti-Obama book, so if you know this isn't your kinda gig, then don't go out to the dance and save yourself the money. It's interesting, there was a lot discussed in it that I had really never put more than a minute's thought into. Frankly, about one-third of the way through I stopped reading the "diary" parts and just read the actual contents. The diaries were of course not real, which I knew from the get go, and honestly some of them were down right hysterical. However, after reading so many of them and seeing that realistically they didn't offer more than just humorous digs, I started skipping them, opting to read about the things that were actually backed up.

It's funny, it's for conservatives or for those wondering why conservatives don't like Obama. It is entertaining. Of course, these opinions will not be the same from someone who doesn't like Laura Ingraham or has different political views.

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