So I got my hands on the new Nook (The Simple Touch Reader) from Barnes & Noble (and a case & screen protector). Despite my complaints previously about the original Nook design, I did decide to still support B&N by investing in their newest Nook device. Why? Because I still prefer Barnes & Noble over Amazon - simple as that. I like Amazon for a number of things but not for my reading or my reading device.

But, this isn't about Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon. this is about the new Nooks!

So, I opened up my Nook last night and noticed two things right off the bat:
1. The size is perfect
2. The weight is perfect

The size is perfect enough to fit in your hand even more comfortably than the Original Nook. There is a small indentation on the back cover that is perfect for resting your fingers against. The rubberized backing gives it great grip.

Of course, because of my cracked bezel fiasco with my Original Nook, the first thing I did was to inspect the bezel and the page buttons. It seems B&N must have learned from their mistakes and now the bezel is even a rubberized material, and I'm sure it will hold up much better to the paging than the old one -although, frankly with how easy it is to turn pages just by touching the screen, who is going to use them??

Next, I fired it up and the boot up seems much quicker than the Original Nook. The pearl e-ink is MUCH cleaner and crisp and the refresh rate of the pages has vastly improved. The setup was literally mindless, just connect to your WiFi, enter your email and password for your B&N account and viola!

A setting feature that I LOVE is that you can assign which buttons are used for paging forward or backward (although again I have to question the use of them since I have yet to use the buttons)

I'm a fan of the new "Home" page for a few reasons. The biggest being that they got rid of the stupid "Daily" thing that you were subscribed to on the Original Nook. It was so outdated and even when you got new articles, half of them weren't worth the time it took to download them. Another reason I like the "Home" screen is because it allows me to quickly access my book that I'm currently reading (while displaying which page I'm on) but also to access my library.

The touch screen is incredibly sensitive, almost too much so, but I won't complain because turning pages by touching the sides of the screen is so simple that you barely feel like you're making a movement to do it.

The Library could use one small improvement, which would be to allow me to arrange my shelves in the order I choose. I love being able to customize my shelves but you can only sort the shelves by "Most Recent" or by "Title" so my "Currently Reading" doesn't always stay on top where I like it. Maybe that will be in an software upgrade at some point.  However, one improvement I really like on the Library is the ability to sort by Lend Me books, My Files, Newspapers, etc. There's a lot more sorting functionality than on the Original Nook.

I love the social integration that's included, you can attach your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook accounts and send recommendations and updates on your reading.

So, all in all, I think the new Nook took the best of the Original Nook and totally enhanced it right where it needed it without going overboard.

Now, I'm sure there's always going to be the Kindle vs. Nook issue out there, but as for me I will always choose a Nook over the Kindle for two simple reasons:

1. I love the B&N brick and mortar stores

2. Android baby!

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Hendrik M said...

Looks like a nice gadget, though I do prefer real books vs iPad/ Nook/ Kindle. It's just nicer, faster to check how much pages you still have to go, and going into a book store/ library is just a nice social experience.

tattooedmommie said...

Hi Hendrik, I agree I still love going into a book store & library (which is one reason I love the Nook over the Kindle), I can still visit brick & mortar stores and read while I'm there.
But.. you're absolutely right, nothing replaces the feel and look of a true book. As much as I love eBooks, I hope real books never stop publishing.

P.J. said...


Looks like the Nook took a similar look to the Kindle. I won't disagree that I like the B&N brick and mortar stores. However, with going with an e-reader, I won't be reading regular books too often anymore. So I had to go with a lot of research. When I got my Kindle, I didn't like the look or feel of the Nook. And I didn't need color!

With so many people I know having the Kindle, I went with it (and love it). And now with the lending ability on some of them, I love it even more.

In the end, I don't use any of the bells and whistles (wifi, integration etc.) as I use it just as a reader, so for me, I imagine either one would work just fine. And in reality, I bet they are both excellent and do the job, which is great as the more people who read, the better!

Also -- I don't know how it is with the Nook, but are there books that are free/cheap and Nook only? I love that about the Kindle store. But it also stinks that some books are Kindle only as it seems like it would be beneficial if there were apps so Nook readers could read Kindle books and vice-versa (even though I realize they compete with one another).

tattooedmommie said...

Hey PJ! I totally passed on the Nook Color as well, when I read I wan e-Ink. And I agree, I love the lend feature of the Nook, I've used it more and more.
There are free books for the Nook. Barnes & Nobel offers "Free Fridays" and a whole section on their website of free books you can download. Also, one thing I love about the Nook is I can access library books on it as well.
It would be SUPER awesome if books were just books and could be read on any reader instead of proprietary Nook books and Kindle Books ya know?
Anyway, that's awesome you love your Kindle, I love the eBook revolution!!

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