I confess... I take a lot for granted. You'll surely hear more about this next summer when my father-in-law is in Greece, for one example. But I am making a true effort to be more grateful.

I confess... I am so impatient about our house being built that I think I would sacrifice quality for speed. Knowing that this makes absolutely no sense at all, but I still want it done. 

I confess... I really miss being out West. I wouldn't change living in SC for anything, as at least I did learn from our move out there that my family & friends are much more important to me than my surroundings, however I can't deny that I truly miss the dry heat, the lack of mosquitoes and the majestic views.

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Mila said...

I confess I'm a new follower from Monday confessions :)

tattooedmommie said...

Welcome Mila! I love the Monday Confessions!

Tara said...

Thanks again for participating in the Monday Confessions hop! I'm sure it will take some time before there are a lot of participants in it but hopefully it will be a success :)

Where in the west are you from, if you don't mind me asking? I moved to SC from Connecticut...but to be honest there really isn't much I miss about my home state ;)

tattooedmommie said...

I think Monday Confessions will be a great success, I mean, who can turn down baring their soul to the world LOL!

I'm a military brat, I spent most of my life in Japan but I lived in St. George & Salt Lake, UT. I was born in Arizona and I spent a few years in California. But technically, I've lived in SC long enough to claim that I'm from here :) I miss a lot of things from different places but I don't think I'd really want to live anywhere else :)

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