I confess... that I would love to take a weekend away to go backpacking with just my husband. I feel like it's been so long since we've had "us" time that it's almost pathetic. FYI, my Greek father-in-law who I love just as dearly as my own parents has lived with us since our first anniversary. Although he takes summer's off to go back to Greece, it's still just not the same. But I wouldn't change it in the world... but I would just ask for a few more "me" and "us" moments.

I confess... that when I promised my son that we could get a dog (note, I said dog, he says puppy), when we move into the new house that it was probably more for me than for him. I really miss having an animal-pet (kid-pets and husband-pets are a plenty) around the house. Now, how to spring it on him that a potty trained younger dog is still a puppy is my next big gig.

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PartyGurle said...

What's a blog hop??

tattooedmommie said...

A blog hop is basically a themed entry that allows you to bounce to different blogs via the link on the icon above. Most strict bloghops require that you leave comments or what not, but the lovely blogger who created this bloghop (click the link to see her blog) had this great idea to keep it casual. I try to check out her blog and others that do it and see if anyone else does.. join in if you want!

PartyGurle said...

Sounds like fun! How do I link up? To hers or yours?

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