I confess… I ate entirely too much before Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving. But it was really good and I felt obligated to at least eat my fair share (and then some). But I did get active afterwards going geocaching for like 2 days.

I confess... I forgot how much I enjoyed geocaching, especially when my kiddo comes along and gets excited. However, note to self (and for other parents of 5 yr olds), when you're reading about the geocache, it's probably not wise to read allowed the details about watching out for spiders, snakes and  giant frogs while on a night cache. Lesson learned.

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Meet Lola

11.27.2011 |

Santa made a super special trip to bring her to the kiddo.

She's pretty awesome.

I would blog about something meaningful and awesome today but I'm entirely too full of EVERYTHING to do ANYTHING...

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It’s always this time of the year that you see bloggers posting about what they are thankful for. I like talking about what I’m thankful for, like how I’m thankful that I’m somewhat agile, because when you’re as big as a klutz as I am, it helps. I could talk about how thankful I am for my husband, my child and my family. You know, the sappy – I love you guys – kinda deal where I reminisce about memories shared between us all and why they mean so much. I could talk about how thankful I am that I live in America and how I can carry my gun (I’m licensed, I’m allowed!) and how thankful I am that we have such amazing men & women in our military to protect our freedoms and rights that we as Americans have. I could talk about how thankful I am that I grew up an Army brat and experienced things abroad and how I wish I could give my son some of those experiences.

I could… but you know what I’m going to talk about?

I’m going to talk about how thankful I am that I get to be thankful every day, not just on thanksgiving (although it does seem like a nice excuse to save them all up!). And I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to realize that I can express my thanks anytime (again, not just one time a year).

So, this is my call to action, I’m going to be more thankful, more often and more vocal about being thankful and you should too!

THANK YOU! (you’re welcome)

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I confess… I’m an emotional person. I instantly react emotionally although with issue relating work I’ve taught myself to stop, think and then react. I need to incorporate that into my personal reactions as well. I will be the first to admit that I’ve said a few things I wish I could take back. Or I’ve over reacted about a situation that really wasn’t that big of a deal before realizing what effect my over reaction would have. I guess if I have to have a flaw (because you know I only have one!) it’s that I’m emotional and sometimes those emotions just can’t be contained. I’ll keep trying but I won’t make any promises.

I confess... I am super stoked about Thanksgiving this year for some reason. Maybe it is because my 5 yr old finally gets really excited about holidays too or maybe it's just because with my concentration on trying to lose weight and eat healthier, I'm looking for any excuse to really not do any of that! Eh, at least I'm honest.

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With my new found love of pinterest also came the realization that I like DIY stuff, I like the idea of DIY stuff but I haven't actually ever done any DIY stuff. I mean I'm really not very crafty at all.

So when I found this pin on how to recycle a t-shirt into a reusable bag I immedietly pinned it into my "projects to do" board and thought "hmm... I may do this someday when I feel crafty".

Well apparently, this pin was for me, because I made it tonight! And it's just as super easy as the pin instructions say it is!

I used a t-shirt that I bought for a fund raiser at my work that I knew I wasn't going to really ever wear again other than to do housework or to sleep in.

And.. here's my tie die t-shirt that with 3 easy steps, turned into my reusable bag...

Check out the links to do this yourself!

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I confess… I’ve been very crappy about Monday Confessions. It’s not that I don’t have anything to confess, it’s that Sunday nights have become my “let’s get ready for the week” night, so I all but forget about my confessions.  I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things.

I confess… now that I’m able to park my van inside our garage, I may cry if I ever have to leave the swagger-wagon out in the cold again. Seriously, I mean the whole idea of now having to carry my bags in the cold or wet weather is really no longer appealing. Done-Deal. I’ve been spoiled. And yes,  this is the first time in my adult life living in my own house that I am able to park my car in a garage permanently.  Until this point, it’s been random moments of luck that our garage has been clean enough to fit a vehicle. But the past is the past baby!

I confess… I love working and being around other adults, but I think my maternal and homely instincts are starting to flood my hormones, trying to tell me how much I’d love to be a stay-at-home mom. I fight off these ideas of grandeur by recalling how I felt on week 10 of my 12 week hiatus from work when my son was born. I remotely remember saying, “If I’m home one more week I might as well start drooling and wearing diapers myself!!” I don’t know, the idea is nice, not sure in real life application it would really work out for me. 

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