I confess… I’m an emotional person. I instantly react emotionally although with issue relating work I’ve taught myself to stop, think and then react. I need to incorporate that into my personal reactions as well. I will be the first to admit that I’ve said a few things I wish I could take back. Or I’ve over reacted about a situation that really wasn’t that big of a deal before realizing what effect my over reaction would have. I guess if I have to have a flaw (because you know I only have one!) it’s that I’m emotional and sometimes those emotions just can’t be contained. I’ll keep trying but I won’t make any promises.

I confess... I am super stoked about Thanksgiving this year for some reason. Maybe it is because my 5 yr old finally gets really excited about holidays too or maybe it's just because with my concentration on trying to lose weight and eat healthier, I'm looking for any excuse to really not do any of that! Eh, at least I'm honest.

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Lil Mys Ninja said...

I'm ready for Thanksgiving! And you just gave me a good idea at renaming the titles of these Monday Confessions Posts. I'm gonna have to do that same!

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