I confess… I ate entirely too much before Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving. But it was really good and I felt obligated to at least eat my fair share (and then some). But I did get active afterwards going geocaching for like 2 days.

I confess... I forgot how much I enjoyed geocaching, especially when my kiddo comes along and gets excited. However, note to self (and for other parents of 5 yr olds), when you're reading about the geocache, it's probably not wise to read allowed the details about watching out for spiders, snakes and  giant frogs while on a night cache. Lesson learned.

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Lil Mys Ninja said...

Geocaching sounds cool! You must tell me more about it! Vlog? :)

Jonna P said...

I would love to vlog about geocaching! I'll definitely throw something together, hopefully I'll get the Sony Bloggie for Xmas and the video capture part will be much easier.
It is super fun, Maria you'd love it!! First thing you can do is check out www.geocaching.com (sign up, it's free) and you can scout your area to see how many caches are there (you'd be surprised!)

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