With my new found love of pinterest also came the realization that I like DIY stuff, I like the idea of DIY stuff but I haven't actually ever done any DIY stuff. I mean I'm really not very crafty at all.

So when I found this pin on how to recycle a t-shirt into a reusable bag I immedietly pinned it into my "projects to do" board and thought "hmm... I may do this someday when I feel crafty".

Well apparently, this pin was for me, because I made it tonight! And it's just as super easy as the pin instructions say it is!

I used a t-shirt that I bought for a fund raiser at my work that I knew I wasn't going to really ever wear again other than to do housework or to sleep in.

And.. here's my tie die t-shirt that with 3 easy steps, turned into my reusable bag...

Check out the links to do this yourself!

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