I’ve been geocaching on and off for a few years and a few years ago I started a blog about it. Well, it turns out that with my bad luck of my old gmail account getting hacked, I couldn’t access my blog. This happened just a little over a year ago and although, as you can see if you clicked the link, the blog is still up and live – I just can’t access it.. at all…

This really saddens me because 1) the name is just too perfect and 2)I can’t think up a name half as cool as that again!

So, yesterday I tried, once again, to get my old gmail account reinstated. This time when I tried, as opposed to the last 8 times, I found there’s an extra step in the process. See, before I would fill out this form trying to recall exact dates that my accounts were set up (fail miserably so I’d guess) and then I’d get notification that I didn’t provide enough accurate information to recover my account. Which is all fine and dandy because I’m all about security (or maybe not since I got hacked), but I found it a little ridiculous that I couldn’t somehow provide more specific information that would still be pretty much only knowledge that the owner of the account would know OTHER than the exact dates I may have set up my gmail, calendar or blogger!

I go through the tyipical form, and I get my notification that I didn’t know enough about my account to get it back BUT… this time, there was a link! And there was a notice that I could contact Google’s Advanced Super Geeks (okay that’s not what it said but that’s what it boils down to) but I’d need to pay a minimal fee of 0.30 cents to do it – because apparently if you’re stealing accounts, you’re not going to want to waste time setting up a Google Checkout and stealing a credit card to use on said Google Checkout to pay the 0.30 cents.

I’m thinking, “Oh, I wonder if after I pay my minimal fee, if I’ll get a chat window with some Googler on the other end?”

I quickly got my answer after finishing my Google Checkout. Nope.

I got a small textbox in which I could explain what my situation is.

I paid 0.30 cents to access a textbox? Yes-sir-ree-bob! Now hopefully my 600 word plea to give me back my account works (yes, I included some valid information aside from begging).

I mean really, I think Kiss My Cache is totally worth 0.30 cents.

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P.J. said...

Bring back Kiss my Cache!

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