I confess… I haven’t done my Monday Confessions this week because I’ve been more than insanely busy and my confessions could have been a novel.

But seriously, who gets anything done the week before Christmas? I’ve spent the week doing things I wasn’t planning to do. Of those things, let me just say that I had to drive to Charlotte to pick up my husband’s Greek Aunt from the airport on Tuesday night and hands down Charlotte Douglas airport is the worst airport I’ve been in (and I’ve been in a few!) Who builds an airport and then decides that the only services offered outside of security will be a Starbucks kiosk and some little convenience store looking deal with 2 tables outside the door, so inappropriately named something “bistro”. Really? So, this is all you offer those people who, say had to drive 2 hours to get to the stupid airport and had to wait 4 hours for a passenger whose plane got delayed and then spent an hour and a half in immigration? I mean really? My son ate yogurt with granola for dinner! Healthy, yes! But not really all that pleasing or fulfilling for a 5 year old.

Oh well, I survived.

So.. Monday Confessions will continue next week, which should be fun to hear since it will be the Monday after Christmas. And I always have something snarky to say after Christmas!

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Tara said...

aww I actually don't mind Charlotte Airport at all! Though to be honest I've never had to wait outside of security for someone...I'm always the person who is flying out of/into CLT :) I like the airport because it's SUPER easy to get to. And once you're through security it's always really clean and easy to navigate as well.

Jonna P said...

Tara, you know I'm thinking CLT is actually pretty nice as a passenger, we could see all the shops and comfy seating through the security check point. Just wish they would have put a little something more for us picker-uppers lo

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