I confess… I had entirely too much fun during our New Year's Eve! We had our friends over who have a son just about the same age as our son and it was a blast. We stayed up all night playing rummy and Mexican train and toasting wine (well the guys did beer). We stayed up and watched the ball drop then we call crashed!

I confess... I have the best parents EVER. They surprised me by showing up about 8am New Years Morning! It was perfect! They showed up at the door right as I started cooking our new New Year tradition, loukoumades (Greek donuts) and our Greek New Years Cake. We had a spectacular day of eating and enjoying each others company.

I confess... The holidays have had me locked in the house between work and cooking at home, so by New Years Day I was suffering from severe Cabin Fever. I get small cases of wanderlust that usually I can ease by heading out into the woods for a quick hike or something. Well, that hasn't happened since last January so basically I had been building up - so.. I dragged everyone in the house out to Poinsett Bridge (which you'll see a post about momentarily)!

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