I confess…I am moving full steam ahead with getting my son’s birthday party planned for Feb 11th (although his birthday is the 9th). I’m excited that we are holding it at The Children’s Museum in Greenville because after going for the first time last week, I can’t wait to go back! I think I had as much fun as he did! But, party stuff aside, it’s so weird to know that he’s turning 6. It just doesn't feel like he should be getting that old yet. If you ever want to hit fast forward on the life clock…. Have a kid.

I confess...I’m pretty ho-hum on politics this year, which is weird considering the presidential election is not too far off. I’m normally a big political talking kind of gal, but this year I’m just not feeling it. I mean, I voted in the GOP primaries and I’ll vote again in the presidential election but seriously, I’m just not feeling in the mood to really hash anything out. Maybe once the nominations are made it’ll catch my interest more.

I confess... If I don’t get my butt back in the gym or find some other way to relieve some stress I’m going to either end up in jail or the hospital. Let’s just put it this way (for the sake of niceties)  it’s rough living in a house with your father-in-law and his sister who are pretty hardheaded and have the common courtesy of a pissed off stink bug. Wait, I was trying to be nice wasn't I. Don’t get me wrong, they are both awesome people and I love being around them…. Just not 24/7. And that’s basically what it’s boiled down to lately. So, time for me to practice anger management, patience and a little tolerance, because I’m sure they are doing it with me as well.

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Tara said...

I'm *very* ho-hum about politics this year. I'll vote in the elections but I didn't even bother with the primaries (where in the past I always did). Ah well.

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